Monday, February 22, 2021

Writer's Block

One topic that blog readers suggested for OA to address in 2021 was resources to fight writer's block.  Here are some suggestions and links for additional information:

Writers on writer's block
Some writers don't believe in writer's block, others do

Reedsy's 20 suggestions to overcome writer's block
Including developing a writing routine and writing something else

Writing Cooperative
Including read [learn from other writers] and write a short story

Master Class
Including do something else, start in the middle, and freewriting

Writing Prompts

I like the ideas to write something else and to start in the middle.  The writing prompts sites are also interesting.  I went to the first one [Reedsy] and, because I write MG, set the drop-down to "for kids".  The first prompt was "Write about someone taking a child trick-or-treating for the very first time."  This actually ties in with my current WiP, so if I was stuck on my story at this point, using this prompt would have definitely helped me get unstuck.

What do you do when you're blocked?

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  1. I almost always have more than one project on the go. If I get stuck on one, I work on something else for a while (or write a short story) and through doing that, I almost always find I get unstuck by the time I go back to the original story.

    Alternatively, if I'm on a deadline, I write myself a note about what I'm stuck on and then move on to a point where I know what happens and keep going. Often by the time I finish writing that part, I've figured out the point where I was stuck.


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