Friday, June 4, 2021

Query Friday: Query Support Group


Hi all!

Welcome to Query Friday.

My name is Brandy and I’m in the Query Trenches.

Does that sound like the intro to a support group meeting? In a way, it is. I’m a writer of Adult and YA fantasy and the newest contributor to the Operation Awesome Blog. I live and write in sunny Florida, and when I'm not writing I enjoy binge reading, binge watching, and binge baking. I am a super fan of many things and will very happily follow you down a rabbit hole to discuss my latest obsession.

This will be my third time entering the Query Trenches- I started Tuesday June 1st (with one rogue query that went out in May that we won’t talk about). 😊

I’ve been through this process before. I know what to expect:




Carpel tunnel from endlessly refreshing my inbox.

Trying to squeeze more out of “Not for me” than those three little words can give.

I also know that no one quite gets it like another person in the query trenches. And for that reason, I propose a


Query Support Group!!!


A chance to connect with folks who get it. We can celebrate together, scream as needed, work to decipher the meaning of “didn’t quite connect.”

Please comment below with where you are in the process. We can also connect on Twitter with the hash tag #QuerySupportGroup. For those who share I will publish stats on group progress (with no identifiers of course), celebrations, and motivations here at Operation Awesome.

Watch this space and make some friends!




  1. Currently querying my second novel. I shelved my first MS after about 70 queries. I'm 24 queries into number two looks like I'm overdue to send out another batch.

  2. It's nice to meet you Stephanie! I'm querying for the third time myself. This time I working in slow batches so I can refine my query as I go along. Stay in touch and let us know how it goes :) You can also find me @MidlifeCreative on twitter. Good luck!


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