Monday, June 14, 2021

When's the best time of year to query?

When's the best time of year to send your query letters?

Last Friday, our newest member Brandy posted about being in the query trenches and she's starting a query support group.  Yay!

Are you in the query trenches and you just didn't post a comment last Friday?  Well, it's not too late to comment.  Go here.  AND, today we are looking at various opinions on the "best time to query".

Mary Kole, 2009 - Any time is fine, altho probably best to avoid (1) Thanksgiving through mid-January, and (2) August

Nathan Bransford, 2008 updated 2019 - Any time is fine, but avoid the weeks around major holidays

Barbara Poelle, 2018 - Whenever your manuscript and query letter are ready to go, just do it!  But probably best to avoid August and December

Literary Agent Undercover, 2020 - Avoid (1) Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, and (2) July and August

I'm detecting a trend here.  What say you?  Are you querying right now?  Waiting until Fall?  Let us know!


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  1. Yes, I've heard of this trend too. I'll remember it if I ever get a manuscript in good enough shape to query.


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