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Spotlight on New Book Debut Author Olivia Swindler

Operation Awesome Spotlight #20Questions in #2021 of #NewBook Debut Author posted by @JLenniDorner of @OpAwesome6

Cynthia Starts a Band by Olivia Swindler

1- What are some of the values of family, as found in this book?

Eleanor has a complicated family relationship. She is extremely close with her cousin, who was her first call when she decided to leave Kittanning but has a strained relationship with her sister. But as the book progresses it is clear that family is extremely important. One of the main family values is being a reliable constant in someone’s life. The beauty of family is we have the opportunity to stand alongside people for their whole life, which can create not only a stronger bond but a healthier relationship.

2- Would you please, in 160 characters or less, give a #WriteTip ?

Write every single day. Even if what you are writing is not good, set aside time every day to write. When inspiration strikes, you already have the habit built.

3- What most motivates you to read a new book?

Every new book feels like a window into someone else’s experience. I love learning from the lives and experiences of others, and reading is one of the best ways to do that!

4- Have you ever started a band, or known someone who has? #cynthiastartsaband

I wanted to be in a band my whole childhood, but much to my dismay, I am pretty tone-deaf. Somehow, all of my best friends are musical, so I have gotten to support them in various capacities!

5- Would you share a picture with us of your book in a fun autumn setting?

#cynthiastartsaband #NewBook #DebutAuthor #2021Books Spotlight on New Book Debut Author Olivia Swindler #autumn

6- Do you take part in NaNoWriMo? (

I have never taken part, but I love the concept. I write pretty consistently each day, and unfortunately, November is a busy time of year for me. However, I would love to participate one year!!

7- What's your favorite book to movie adaptation?

This is slightly cheating because it is a TV show, not a movie, but I loved the recent adaptation of The Flight Attendant. Both the book and the movie highlight different parts of the story, and I honestly think I love them both equally.

8- Do you have a favorite #bookstagram image or account/ profile?

I follow so many bookstagrammers! I really love the Novel Pairings podcast’s instagram! It has inspired me to read more classics this year. @novelpairingspod

9- Are you a Plotter, Pantser, or Plantser, and how did you adopt that style?

I am a planster! I have a general roadmap in my head of where I want a story to go, but I hold it loosely and mostly keep it in my head or random notes on my phone. I like to know where the story is going and where I want each character to end up, but I want to be able to have freedom within that as I get to know the characters better.

10- What does your basic writing schedule look like, and how often do you write?

When I am working on a project I try to write 1,000 words each day. Because writing is not my full-time job, I need to organize it into my schedule, or else it will be put on the backburner.

11- What is your favorite book by someone else, what's the author's Twitter handle, and what do you love most about that book? #FridayReads book recommendation time!

Author name: Elle Cosimano @ElleCosimano
Title: Finlay Donovan Is Killing It
Love because: It was laugh out loud funny while tackling difficult themes! I could not put this book down.

12- What emotions do you hope your book will evoke for the reader?

I want readers to feel empowered. We can do hard things, and I hope that my book helps readers believe and see that in themselves.

13- What kind of impact do you hope your book will have?

I want my book to connect with people and give words to help tell their own stories and experiences.

14- What is your favorite creative non-writing activity to do?

I love to paint!

15- #WeNeedDiverseBooks What's your favorite book with a diverse main character?

My favorite book with a diverse main character is Infinite Country. The writing was stunning, and it was such a heartbreakingly beautiful commentary on what it is like to immigrate to the United States.

16- What method do you feel is the best way to get book reviews?

As this is my first novel, I have thought about this question a lot. I tend to be an over recommender. If I read or watch something good, I want all of my friends to do the same. I think the best way to get book reviews is by others recommending my book to a friend. That is such a highly coveted honor!!

17- What was the deciding factor in your publication route?

I met with Karen Anderson and Morgan James and had a sense of peace about how they viewed the process. I could tell instantly that they love and care for their authors. Because they are a small press, everything feels much more like a family.

18- What's the biggest writing goal you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

There are countless bestseller lists and book clubs I would love for my books to be featured in; the biggest goal is to write full time.

19- Would you please ask our audience a question to answer in the comments?

The book features a lot of music. What is the soundtrack to your life?

20- Anything else you would care to share about your book and yourself?

Olivia Swindler was raised in Spokane, Washington but resides currently in Grenoble, France, where she eats approximately a baguette a day. She serves as the Communication Coordinator for Young Life in Europe. Cynthia Starts a Band is her first book.
#cynthiastartsaband #NewBook #DebutAuthor #2021Books Spotlight on New Book Debut Author Olivia Swindler

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Cynthia Starts a Band by Olivia Swindler

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