Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mystery Agent Contest: September!

CONTEST CLOSED!! Good luck to all the entrants :)

It's that time of the month, folks. The Mystery Agent contest is here!! *throws confetti* Okay. Without further ado, le rules:

1) One-line pitches ONLY. They must be left in the comments section of today's post.

2) You must have a completed manuscript and be ready to send it upon request. 

3) You can only pitch once per contest. So if you participated in any of our previous M.A. contests, no worries--you can submit your pitch today, too. 

4) Please include TITLE and GENRE along with your pitch.

This time around, our Mystery Agent is looking for the following genres:


  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary

Women's Fiction
Commercial Fiction
Multicultural Fiction

The contest will close once we get 50 pitches. And the prize? The winner will get a full manuscript request! O_O 

Best of luck to everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Pitch: In an ancient war being waged on modern streets, Caleb is an unwitting warrior and invaluable weapon that will guarantee victory for whichever side can catch him first.

Thanks again for these amazing opportunities!

Unknown said...

GENRE: Women's Fiction
PITCH: After dumping her would be fiance, Harper Drake agrees to date thirty guys in thirty days to prove she's over him; falling in love with someone else wasn't the plan.

SO EXCITED to have not missed out on this opportunity! This was the breath of fresh air I needed today!

Alison Miller said...

GENRE: YA Paranormal
PITCH: Seventeen-year old Becky’s best friend kills himself without leaving a clue, but as memories of that night emerge from her subconscious, she suspects she may have had something to do with his death.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Kim said...

TITLE: Triangles


PITCH: When seventeen-year-old Autumn Taylor's ship glides into the Bermuda Triangle, her days become a blur of Twilight Zone episodes—and she's the star of the show.

Jessica Bell said...

GENRE: Literary Women's Fiction

PITCH: With a blend of dry comedy and raw heartbreak, BITTER LIKE ORANGE PEEL is a story about the fear of not being loved; of breaking through a self-built wall of protection and accepting judgment, not only for what others perceive, but for the secrets that maintain one’s sanity while living in a skin tainted by regret.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Guinevere said...

TITLE: The Goddess of Vengeance Wore Pink Galoshes

GENRE: Women's fiction

PITCH: Lauren Reed has always tried to look on the bright side - and therefore refuses to even watch the news - but after being possessed by the disembodied goddess of vengeance, she's forced to witness and avenge crimes.

Thanks for the opportunity, this is an awesome contest. :)

Michael Di Gesu said...


GENRE: Y/A Contemporary

With each blow of his father’s fist, seventeen-year-old Aidan wonders if he’ll survive until his next birthday, and then an unlikely source comes to his rescue — a blind student, who has secrets of his own and just happens to be in love with the same girl as Aidan.

Gina Ciocca said...


GENRE: CF/Paranormal Romance

PITCH: When newly deceased Rebecca learns she must play matchmaker for a pretty college student in order to earn her entry ticket to Heaven, she assumes the task will be fun and easy - until she finds "the one" and falls for him herself, leading her to wonder if she's been set up to fail.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Unknown said...

Title: Glimpse
Genre: YA UF

Sixteen-year-old Sen has a gift that seems to cause more harm than good until her best friend goes missing-- the answer to her whereabouts lie in Sen dreams, but only if she can unlock them.

E. Arroyo said...

Title: Angel
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Pitch: When sixteen year old Angel is exiled to the lake house she meets Jake and their relationship skyrockets to obsession status, but when the demons come for her soul she learns that he isn't what he seems and her soul is not the only thing up for grabs.


Norma said...

Title: VEX
Genre: YA Fantasy

Pitch: Created to rebuild damaged and missing pathways in people with brain injuries, the virtual environment VEX carries heavy consequences for perfectly healthy sixteen-year-old Tana when she becomes addicted to it and discovers a test subject trapped there is preparing to download itself into her weakening body and take over her life.

Unknown said...
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Kristin Lenz said...

Title: The Art of Holding On and Letting Go
Genre: YA Contemporary

After a tragic accident, a rock climbing/uber-nature girl must abandon her California mountain home for Detroit, where she discovers friendship, love, and family secrets.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Jenn said...

Thanks you guys and good luck to everyone!

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Pitch: 16-year-old con artist, Megan Benson lands a place living in the wealthy Keller mansion only to realize too late that this is one family she doesn't want to pull a heist on.

Hermana Tiffany Garner said...

Genre: YA Epic Fantasy

In a kingdom hunting magic holders, seventeen-year-old white witch Kenna must disguise her true identity to convince the king her powers aren’t from the Devil—but with the captain of the knights watching her every move, it gets harder and harder for her to keep her secret.

Thanks for the opportunity! I love reading everyone else's pitches!

Anonymous said...

Genre: WF / UF

Pitch: Daciana has less than a week to track a devious beast, rescue her boyfriend and control her inner monster from taking over, but when betrayal runs thick in the family, what lives inside her may just be her greatest ally.

Unknown said...

TITLE: Blackbird
GENRE: YA Fantasy Thriller

PITCH: Teenage spy-in-training Taylor Keaton must hack the code behind a suspicious online video game, gain entrance to a room full of enchanted web servers, and bypass one of the best magical security systems in the world to find an object before the sorcerers do in this "Mission:Impossible with magic" tale.

Angie said...

Title: Nikki's Wish
Genre: YA paranormal romance

Nikki Dreyer discovers that resurrecting her twin doesn’t require incantations and graveyards, just a lion-hearted genie and the guts to steal him from his master.


Unknown said...
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Angela said...

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

A straight-laced teenage boy who has vowed to wait until marriage for sex is forced to work with a pastor’s daughter who plans to seduce him by Christmas.

Thanks for the fabulous opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Title: The Curse of Elizabeth Brewster
Genre: YA Gothic Thriller

Pitch: Banished to Pemberton Academy in Western Massachusetts, Eli quickly finds herself embroiled in a four hundred year old love triangle that leads her to lost secrets about America's earliest beginnings - turns out those Puritans were not so pure-can she survive it?

Marquita Hockaday said...

Title: The Blues
Genre: YA Contemporary Mystery

Pitch: Blake uncovers a secret high school drug scene when his pill pushing best friend turns up dead.

As always, thanks ladies :D

Alicia Gregoire said...

Title: Falling to Normal
Genre: YA Contemporary

Pitch: Upon her release from juvenile hall, Cheyenne Butler is determined to keep her past a secret in and live an ordinary life.

Thanks ladies for doing this!

Tina Moss said...

Genre: CF/Urban Fantasy
Co-writer: Yelena Casale

BLOOD BOND is BUFFY meets DEVIL’S ADVOCATE with nary a vampire, villains as demons, lawyers as casino tycoons, angels that don’t play by the rules, and a heroine that's anything but ordinary.

Thanks for another great contest!

Amparo Ortiz said...

@Nora Coon: This contest is for one-line pitches only. Please submit one sentence as your pitch, or we'll have to disqualify your entry. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Genre: Literary Women's Fiction

Rachel Linden, a depressed young mother of two, must unravel the mystery of her grandmother's abandonment and missing years from home to prevent history from repeating itself.

Anonymous said...

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

After Oona starts hearing voices, either she's crazy or it's up to her to pass through a door into the afterlife and save the world from an army of unhappy ghosts.

Tina DC Hayes said...

Title: No More Tears
Genre: Women's Fiction

Pitch: When her sister is sentenced to death by cancer, Lisa Elkins must overcome her instinct to protect Dana from the inevitable and focus on helping her enjoy the time she has left.

celticqueen said...
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julie Kingsley said...

Okay, I on looking back I think my first one is really two sentences. Yet, I have no idea how to delete. I'll try again.

Title: The Curse of Elizabeth Brewster
Genre: Gothic Thriller


Pitch: Banished to Pemberton Academy in Western Massachusetts, Eli quickly finds herself embroiled in a four hundred year old love triangle that leads her to lost secrets from the original Puritans and a very curse that runs through her veins.

Don McFatridge said...

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

To rescue younger wanna-be boyfriend Mike, and best friend Rachel from her comatose twin sister’s dark world after a seance to awaken Sis goes bad, sixteen-year-old Teagan must sacrifice herself, or visit Sleeping Beauty’s bedside to smother her with love--followed by a pillow.

Gina Lamm said...

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pitch: When a 21st century gamer chick is magically transported to Regency England, neither she nor the handsome Earl who reluctantly aids her expect to fall in love.

Valerie Cole said...

Title: What Counts
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult

Pitch: When fifteen-year-old artist Katie McKaid finds herself stuck in summer school retaking the math class she failed, her mother’s addiction jeopardizes more than just Katie’s grade.

celticqueen said...

Genre: YA Historical Thriller

When a horrible accident leaves Ien Montgomery abandoned and left for dead, his only link to sanity is the love of his fiancĂ©e and the support of his best friend – a mistake that might just rip away the last shreds of his humanity and reveal parts of himself he’ll wish remained buried.


sue laybourn said...

Title: Christopher's Medal
Genre: Women's Fiction

Pitch: On the eve of the biggest race of her horse training career, Grace faces down her worse nightmare –saving her husband Christopher from himself.

Pamela Toler said...

Title: Winning the War at Home
Genre: Women's Fiction

Angie Porter said no thanks to motherhood years ago, but when her business partner is called to active duty she reluctantly agrees to take care of his three kids and discovers what every mother already knows: kids change everything.

danielle devor said...

Title: Riding on the Tail of the Devil
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Mathias Drvar: homeless-teen-turned-vampire who must fight for his right to stay alive when the reigning queen demands a duel because she considers him a threat to her rule.

Rebecca Heflin said...

Title: The Promise of Change
Genre: Women's Fiction

Pitch: Sarah Edwards, a usually sensible and cautious middle-aged divorcee, makes a series of impulsive decisions that will either leave her life in shambles or lead to the fulfillment a life-long dream.

Janice Sperry said...

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

When Mysty gets magical powers and accidently turns the guy of her daydreams into a frog, she has to find someone else to kiss away his amphibious problem because happily ever after is not for evil sorceresses.

Jenny Kaczorowski said...

Title: Rivers Underneath
Genre: YA Paranormal
Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Emma and her childhood friend Gabriel are reunited, only to be to be drawn into the centuries-old battle between a creature known as a Soul-Eater and the Guardians, a secret order dedicated to protecting mankind from the supernatural.

Thanks so much!

Nicole Settle said...

Title: Peter & Poppy
Genre: YA Contemporary
Pitch: While Poppy believes in love at first sight, Peter doesn’t, and thus she begins her quest to get him to love her in return...that is until she realizes loving unconditionally is hard, maybe too hard.

Lori M. Lee said...

Title: Soul Without a Boy
Genre: YA urban fantasy
Pitch: When 17-year-old London Howell inadvertently "creates" a girl, he draws the attention of the city's ruling magus family the House of Dering and must decide if the answers to questions about himself and his family are worth the price of the girl’s soul.

Kendall said...

Title: Wandering Star
Genre: YA sci fi
Pitch: The universe is hunting for Evee Ciboure, and she has no idea why. As she planet-hops in search of answers, she has to figure out what's so special about her and decide if her pursuers are trying to save her--or stop her.

Jackie said...

Title: Breathe For Me
Genre: YA UF
Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Hadley Blake is sentenced to a detention center where teens have powers and are forced to fight in cage matches, but Hadley's allergic reaction to following orders could end her life.

Mary said...

Title: At the Edge of Elsewhere
Genre: YA Contemporary Mystery
Pitch: Imagine a town choosing six teens to keep its secrets.

Unknown said...

TITLE: Insulin Junkies
GENRE: YA Contemporary

PITCH: Seventeen-year-old Eva Hunter has to find a way to navigate diabetes, camp, and a self-destructing counselor boyfriend - before someone ends up dead.

(thanks for the correction on format!)

Karen Baldwin said...

GENRE: Humorous Women's Fiction
PITCH: If hot flashes and a frigid marriage aren’t enough to push Em to the brink, when she hires a rugged younger Mexican guest worker to tend her garden, his tender ways not only thaw her broken heart, but set her pants on fire and now she must find the courage to end the charade of her marriage and follow her heart for the first time in her life.

Lisa Aldin said...

TITLE: Slumber
GENRE: YA Paranormal
PITCH: A depressed teenager agrees to switch places with the version of herself who inhabits the dream world, but when she discovers her replacement is a cold-hearted murderer, she must find a way back to reality to save the boy she loves.

Kate Larkindale said...

Title: Chasing the Taillights
Genre: YA Contemporary

Pitch: If Lucy doesn’t confess her secret about the accident that killed her parents, she might lose her mind – if she does, she may lose the only person left who loves her.

erica and christy said...

Genre: YA Contemporary

Pitch: Fixing Shelby is a YA Contemporary novel about a girl with mean friends, an annoying locker neighbor, a critical mother, and the will to find happiness despite all of them.

Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Title: The Lateral Line
Genre: Contemperary Fiction.

Cross Delancey is having a bad day- He ends up in an FBI holding cell after prediciting murders that haven't happened yet and that's not even the fun part: His dad wants him dead, the brother he thought murdered- not so much and now the FBI wants to experiment with his new-found abilities- fuck that.

Michelle McLean said...

3 more spots open!!!

Michelle H. said...

Title: The Stone Man
Genre: Commercial Fiction

Sculpture Graham Baxter has discovered his greatest find, a stone with healing powers that can save his dying son but only if Graham kills other people to steal their life energy.

Unknown said...

Genre: Contemporary Young Adult

Pitch: It's now or never; Zach needs to help himself, save his mom from his jerk off stepfather and work on getting the girl, or he'll never have a chance at a normal future.

Michelle McLean said...

1 more spot!!

Theresa Milstein said...

Title: Naked Eye
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Lucienne Bourdain has a magical prosthetic eye that can see the truth behind lies, which puts her on a quest to find the truth about her missing father, though the truth will put her and the ones she loves in danger.

Michelle McLean said...

contest closed!!! Thanks so much and good luck to everyone!