Friday, September 16, 2011

Bite-sized Goals

Thanks to everybody who entered yesterday's mid-month Mystery Agent contest! Come October 1st, we're back to doing them on the first of the month. September first, the anniversary of our launch, was a pretty special day for us. We're grateful we got to share it with you guys.

(Which reminds me, I'll be shipping out The Maze Runner and Paranormalcy to one of our prize pack winners. *happy sigh* I LOVE sharing awesome books.)

So Friday has rolled around and I have a confession to make.

I didn't write this week. At all.

*ducks head*

I did read a bit of a plotting book. And I thought about writing. But I didn't actually do it.

But I will. I promise. Just not sure when. Weekends are a time suck for me because my husband is home and I just want to be with him and the boys. It's family time, which is the best kind of time suck I know. :) We'll be so busy buying groceries, planning meals, and going to the park, I won't even miss writing.

And then Monday will rear its ugly head and I'll force myself to sit down and do some reworking of my abandoned-but-not-forgotten WIP.

One of my problems is thinking if I don't have time to write 2k words at once, it isn't worth sitting down to write at all. So next week, I'll set smaller, bite-sized goals for myself, like finish this scene or take out all the unnecessary 'that's or write a scene that demonstrates this character's desperately failing relationship.

I hope through these bite-sized goals, I'll be able to chew through revisions without gagging.

Imagine a tootsie roll. Mmmmm....

That oughtta do the trick.

How do you tackle the mountain of writing/revising before you?


Hermana Tiffany Garner said...

Lately it has been setting small goals like that. One day I even had to set the goal to 'finish this paragraph'. It was incredibly hard for some reason! But remembering your end goal does wonders for your perseverance.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Since I'm never really sure exactly how many words the book will end up, I don't usually follow word count goals. I might have a page count goal, but usually it is scene by scene or some important bit that needs to be worked out.

LHughes said...

I set weekly goals for myself, and then reward myself if I meet them by buying flowers for my desk/writing area. At around $5.00 at your local grocery store, it's a relatively cheap reward, and seeing them on my desk keeps me motivated. And dead flowers are equally motivating if I don't meet my goal... haha.