Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Mystery Agent CONTEST!!

The contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering. GOOD LUCK! 

Welcome to our February Mystery Agent contest!!! If you haven't read our Mystery Agent's wish list, please go read it NOW. 

Without further ado, here are the rules:

1) Entries must be left in the comments section of today's post (do not email us your entries! You won't be entered in the contest if you do so).

2) You must have a completed manuscript that's ready to send upon request.

3) You can only pitch once today (only one project). If you participated in previous MA contests, you may enter this one as well (no worries!).

4) Please include TITLE and GENRE along with your pitch.

5) Your pitch must be one sentence long. The exact word count is up to you, but remember: stick to the point! 

6) The contest will close once we receive 50 entries. 

7) The winner will receive a FULL manuscript request! Our Mystery Agent may or may not choose runners up as well, but it's totally up to them.

Now go forth, my pitching friends!! Best of luck to all who enter!! :)


  1. (Thank you for an amazing opportunity, Operation Awesome!)

    Title: ONE
    Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

    All half-superpowered Merrin Grey wants is to fly instead of just floating - but helping the only boy who can make her soar may mean giving up her chances of ever learning to fly on her own.

  2. Thanks OA and Mystery Agent.

    Title: The Silver Strand
    Genre: MG Fantasy
    Pitch: Mastermind Academy’s latest recruit, twelve year old Isabelle Tresdon has five days to save her magical, silver strand of hair before it drains her life, but the two tricksters sent to revive it have other plans.

  3. Title: Shot in the Dark
    Genre: YA suspense with romance

    After her twin brother commits suicide, Seventeen-year-old Maddie digs into the secret, steroid-trade culture of her town, and unknowingly makes herself a target to the people desperate to see the secrets kept, at any cost.

  4. Title: Coveted
    Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

    Seventeen-year-old Caleb Dunnelly can raise the dead, a handy little skill that's propelled him straight to the top of the Seven Deadly Sins' most wanted list, and will most likely get him killed as he attempts to stop Armageddon before it starts.

    As always, extremely grateful for the opportunity.

    Genre: Literary Women's Fiction
    Pitch: A young mother with post-postpartum depression must unravel the mystery of her grandmother's abandonment, and three decade absence from home, to prevent history from repeating itself.

    Genre: YA Contemporary

    Pitch: Alexandra Ridgemont is a paranoid schizophrenic whose biggest concern is worrying about than what’s real and what’s not—until the rumored-to-be-possessed scoreboard in her high school gymnasium starts talking, and not just to her.

    Genre: middle grade adventure

    When aliens grab her best friend and demand an exchange of the human for diamonds, a thirteen-year-old girl must find a way to comply that doesn’t involve grand theft, jail time, or her friend’s abduction.

    Genre: Middle Grade

    Twelve-year-old Stacey Graham is not happy when she finds out that the only person willing to take her and her younger siblings in after the deaths of their mother and beloved “Granny” is their uncle Percy, who lives in the back of his funeral home.

    Thank you!

  9. Title: SEVEN TEARS
    Genre: YA Fantasy

    Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Bree Anderson never believed in the Scottish myth of the Selkies--at least not until her tears fell into the ocean and a dead body appeared.

  10. Michelle F GoddardFebruary 1, 2012 at 7:12 AM

    Title: Adventures With Auntie Mischief
    Genre: MG Contemporary Fantasy

    Pitch: Caught between two worlds where getting punched out by a bully can hurt just as much as a misguided spell, cell phones can be cursed and houses can kidnap you, two young brothers must learn to control their wild magic, before a sinister organization finds them.

    Genre: YA Contemporary

    When sixteen-year-old former ballerina, Alice, learned she was terminally ill she made a list of things to do and people to ruin–– all her scores were settled, until she went into remission.

  12. Title: BORROWED TIME
    Genre: YA magical realism

    If seventeen-year-old Reese wants a future with her dream guy, she'll have to dig into his past to unravel the suspicious circumstances that led to his waking up in the middle of the woods, with absolutely no memory of who he is or how he got there.

    Genre: YA Fantasy

    Akara and Rydan are the only two alive who posses the power to save a crumbling world, but since the people who extinguished their tribe are those they will inevitably save, they must decide if the world is worth saving.

  14. Title: THE SECOND SIGN
    Genre: YA Supernatural Thriller

    After Gabby refuses to give her soul to a demon, she’s given twenty-four hours to comply as her friends begin to die, though Jake, her almost boyfriend, is the key to her salvation, a fool with a key is a very dangerous thing.

  15. Title: WHAT COUNTS
    Genre: YA contemporary/magical realism

    After her father leaves and her mother’s alcoholism spirals out of control, the panther from fifteen-year-old Katie McKaid’s dreams slips into her waking life, wreaking havoc on her already nightmarish summer.

  16. Title: Time Bound
    Genre: YA Historical Fantasy

    Pitch: In Japan, two girls, two centuries apart, must work together to stop an evil wizard from using the powers of the Time Dragon to rewrite time and complete his terrible vision for the past – because if they fail, there will be no future for either of them.

  17. Title: MEMENTO MORI
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

    Pitch: In order to remain human and save the girl he loves, seventeen-year-old Gabriel Durante teams up with a fashionista and the Angel of Death to kill the demon he's served for seven years.


    Genre: YA Science Fiction

    A humanlike girl with a strange affinity to plants arrives on earth to save our garden from invasion, but her airborne immunization plan to protect us from alien infestation requires pollinating with a teenage human male within five days before she grows eighteen-days-old and her spore sack explodes.

  19. Title: Toni Valentine's Rent-a-Boy Service
    Genre: YA contemporary

    When seventeen-year-old Toni Valentine, tomboy to the core, launches a business at her new all-girls school where the girls can rent her guy friends for a fee, things get complicated when she falls for the most wanted boy.

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  21. Title: Being the Queen
    Genre: MG contemporary

    Thirteen-year-old Sabrina Tate hopes that becoming the queen of her school’s Arthurian feast will make her stand out in all the right ways, but to win she has to beat the local mean girl at her own game—and not lose her best friend in the process.

  22. Title: On the Fringe
    Genre: YA Contemporary

    Pitch: When seventeen-year-old Dani is sent to a group home, she’ll do anything to gain control over her life, but will she jeopardize her dreams of college and love?

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Title: FIXING SHELBY
    Genre: YA Contemporary

    Seventeen-year-old Shelby steers clear of conflict, but a mean prank puts her in the middle of a scandal, and for the first time she has to step out of her shell to fight for her hard-earned reputation, save her friendships,and earn her share of happiness.

  24. Title: Megaland
    Genre: YA

    When fourteen-year-old artist Inky Kahn draws his crush, he paints her into danger.

  25. Title: STAYERS
    Genre: YA Horror

    Thirteen year old Gabe, twelve year old Alexis, nine year old Kylar, and their two year old sister, Nahlani need to make their way from their house to their grandparents house forty miles away, but to survive they need to trek through the zombie ridden roads that await them.

    Genre: YA fantasy

    Chief Mamo is tempted to abandon his island’s caste system to be with the carefree girl he loves, but when a power hungry foreigner threatens the livelihood of his people, Mamo must decide between duty and love.

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  28. Title: The 49th Parallel
    Genre: YA thriller

    Seventeen year old Madeline Martin is in a race to uncover the truth about secret political documents before the mysterious guy following her can get to them, leaving her life and America's fate hanging in the balance.

  29. TITLE: Background Vocals
    GENRE: YA Contemporary

    Nothing stands in the way of seventeen-year-old Meridian's path to stardom, until her cousin has a devastating accident and needs Meridian's help to recover.

  30. Title: sWitch
    Genre: MG contemporary fantasy

    When Mina's magic doesn't come in on her thirteenth birthday, she finds she's not a witch but was switched at birth, a discovery that leads her on a life-changing adventure to find the real witch.

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    1. Emsky, you need to enter the TITLE and GENRE along with your pitch, as per the rules I posted above. Your entry will be disqualified if you don't.

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  32. Thanks to Operation Awesome and Mystery Agent for this opportunity!

    TITLE: Spirits from the Vasty Deep
    GENRE: YA ghostly historical

    PITCH: Charlotte Doyle meets Blossom Culp: Olivia Herald accidentally sets a ship afire while escaping the same fate as her murdered friends, dooming all hands aboard--and now the ghostly crew wants revenge.

  33. Title: Potion of Doom
    Genre: MG Fantasy

    Eleven-year-old Stella discovers her grandmother was murdered and was a secret agent for Mother Nature, who wants Stella to take her grandmother’s place -- but if she takes the job, the murderer will be after Stella.

  34. TITLE: The Emerald Wood
    GENRE: Middle Grade

    When ten-year-old Wyatt Cook and his older, jerk of a brother, Dustin, venture alone into the mysterious greenbelt behind their Pacific Northwest home for the first time, they have no idea the discovery of a strange, blue-haired creature will thrust them into a timeless battle between two raging realms of the forest, and it will fall upon Wyatt to save them all.
    (scottynyingling@gmail dot com)

  35. Title: Here Comes the Sun
    Genre: YA Contemporary

    Amid the great castles and cathedrals of England, a high school senior loses her best friend to sluts, falls for a Beatles fanatic who's heart belongs to a tattooed-covered felon back in Chicago, and gets felt up by a Dungeons and Dragons freak.


    Genre: MG Adventure

    Pitch: Twelve-year-old Ethan Williams drags his sister and best friend out of their EMBER-like city into the forbidden Deep Caves, leading them on a GOONIE-like adventure complete with vicious bats, near drowning, and cave-dwelling bullies who will do anything to make sure the kids don’t reach the surface or even go home – ever.

  37. Title: The TItanic Caper

    Genre: MG Mystery

    Pitch: When twelve-year-old Savannah James visits a traveling Titanic exhibit, she finds herself thrust into a web of intrigue after witnessing the theft of an antique pocket watch inscribed with a mysterious engraving.

    GENRE: YA contemporary

    Friends Summer and Ryan need to figure out that avoiding decisions doesn’t make them go away before he leaves for the wrong college with the wrong girl, and they all end up where they don’t belong.

  39. TITLE: My Protector: The Calling
    GENRE: YA post-apocalyptic

    When Eri develops an internal link to the man-eating beasts plaguing the planet, she must control the Calling and secretly learn the skills of a Protector before she ends up dead.

  40. Title: So You Don't Want to be an Evil Sorceress
    Genre: YA Urban fantasy

    Mysty dreams of dating high school basketball star Eric, until she accidentally turns him into a frog; happily ever after isn’t for evil sorceresses.

  41. Title: JUST A CON
    Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

    Sixteen-year-old con-doodler Megan Benson thinks she hit the jackpot when she snags her and her mom a place living at the Keller mansion just when they got kicked out of their own home, until she finds out too late that this is one family she shouldn't con.

  42. Title: GOLDEN BOYS
    Genre: YA historical fiction

    When a 15-year-old Chinese girl kills a Missouri landowner in self-defense, she and a runaway slave disguise themselves as young men and seek their freedom in the frontier with a band of cowboys.

  43. Title: UNDYING
    Genre: Women's Fiction (something fiction... upmarket)

    Cameron wanted a second chance with his wife, but finds neither he nor the rest of the world is ready for a real-life resurrection when Adrienne comes back from the dead, perfect in every way.

  44. Title: Descendant
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

    15yr Tristan, driven to suicide by his ability to hear others’ thoughts, is saved by an old woman who challenges him to take her place as guardian of an emerald, rumored to gift the powers of an extinct race, minutes before the precious gem is stolen by her murderer—forcing Tristan into a quest that will cost him everything he gains.

  45. Title: The Girl in the Mirror
    Genre: YA Fantasy

    When an old enemy tries to sacrifice her brother in a ritual to save his dying race, Daela Stark must choose between letting her brother die and condemning an entire people to the same fate.

  46. Title: A PUSH AND A SWING
    Genre: Picture book

    A little girl can't find anyone to push her on the swings, so she asks some unexpected friends to help.

  47. Title: The Charge
    Genre: YA Alternate History

    Warren never lets bullies mess with his little brother, no matter how big or bad, so when the King of the Texas Empire kidnaps his brother, he embarks into a still-wild West to save him.

  48. Title: OBSIDIAN
    Genre: YA Steampunk

    An alternate Georgian England and seventeen year old Allie Donovan thought she had escaped her life on the streets, until those skills are called upon to save her friend and prevent Europe being plunged into war.

  49. Title: HOW TO DATE A NERD
    Genre: Ya Contemporary

    Closet nerd Zoe loves the Star Wars lovin', Comic Con attending, geek-boy next door and must to decide if her uber-popular social rep is worth more to her than the happiness she finds with him... and being herself.

  50. Title: Seven Shades of Luminosity
    Genre: Middle-Grade fantasy

    When 12-year-old Ralph and his two friends enter a magical world called Norwaeja, they find themselves on an unexpected quest for seven keys, each of which leads them closer to a dark and dangerous kingdom.

  51. Title: Extraction
    Genre: YA Sci-Fi

    When Clementine wins an escape from the Surface slums and poisonous moon, she learns the boy she loves but left behind will suffer a fate worse than death if she can't save him.

  52. Title: Valley of Green and Gold
    Genre: YA Historical Fiction

    Gold may sparkle and shine but it also has the power to destroy, as Nora learns when it’s discovered near her California home in 1848.

  53. Title: The Savage Days and Nights of Orion Marx
    Genre: MG Adventure

    12-year-old Orion Marx has five days to journey from Brooklyn to San Francisco to save his uncle and reverse his growth accelerator invention, but he’ll need a lot more than the bug spray to fend off mosquitoes larger than pigeons if he has any chance of surviving in this deadly new world.

    I hope I made it in. I went back and counted the comments minus the deleted posts. *fingers crossed* Thanks for the awesome contest!


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