Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One More Day until Mystery Agent Day!

March is tomorrow. 

And a new month means one thing...The Mystery Agent Contest! *throws streamers* I can promise you that a fantastic agent is waiting to read your pitches. 

Amparo posted the details on Monday, but I wanted to leave them up today to remind everyone (and those who may not have seen it yet) of the genres Mystery Agent is (as isn't) looking for.

What the mystery Agent is looking for: 

YA contemporary/realistic fiction
YA sci-fi or light fantasy (nothing "epic")
Adult literary fiction
Magical realism (YA or adult)
Dark mystery (psychological or ghostly--nothing with an "amateur sleuth" or cozy mystery)
Literary horror (YA or adult)

And here are projects the Mystery Agent isn't looking for:

Paranormal romance
Picture books/children's books
Genre romance

Anything else you don't see in the Not Looking For list is fine, though. So get those one-sentence pitches ready. 

Remember: the prize is a full manuscript request. Please, please, please make sure the manuscript you are pitching is completed. 

Hope to see you tomorrow. 

Note: to those of you who entered our February Mystery Agent Contest, don't worry! The results are on their way. They will be posted them as soon as we get them. :)


Stina said...

I can't wait to see who this agent is. :)

Valerie said...

Is it a one-line pitch again?

Cassie Mae said...

Question, if we entered in Feb. are we allowed to enter in March?

And thanks for doing this!

erica and christy said...

Good luck everyone!

wjames said...

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Traci Kenworth said...

Looking forward as well.