Friday, February 17, 2012

Starting a New Writing Project is Like...

  • Stepping off a step that's an inch higher than you expected.
  • Buying a new shiny something that somehow makes your life feel complete.
  • Finding out your husband/wife didn't finish off the last of the ice cream and there are maraschino cherries to boot!

  • The night before summer camp when your bags are packed and now you just have to anticipate.
  • Walking into a really cool natural rock cavity (aka cave), and realizing it might actually be somebody's home...
  • Starting a new recipe that got amazing reviews. 
You can guess what is on my mind. Food, shopping, and a shiny new idea. So basically the usual. :) 

For me, the start of a new project is both scary and exciting. I'm giddy about the prospects, but worried I'll mess it up or get lost in the woods somewhere. 

You're all writers! What brilliant metaphor can you add to my silly list above? 

Starting a new writing project is like...

Take the wheel, blog buddies!


  1. Starting a new writing project is like...

    opening a Christmas present with some inkling of what's inside because you've made a wishlist, but not being 100% sure because your family also knows how much you like surprises.

  2. Like riding slowly up roller coaster, waiting for the first drop.

  3. Is like lying under the stars with a good friend and talking until the sun comes up.

  4. It's like waking up to smell of coffee, knowing your significant other made it for you. :-) You can guess what I am doing right now...yep, drinking my nummy coffee!

  5. Starting a new writing project is like discovering a secret pond, pristine and cool--just waiting for you to take a dip.


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