Sunday, April 15, 2012

Set in Stone

I'm currently working on a revision of DEADWOOD for my editor, and it's nerve-wracking. It's not nerve-wracking because I can't do it, or because I disagree with her suggestions. It's nerve-wracking because it's getting close to final.

I have already worked through the editorial letter, and I'm still tweaking, refining, and hopefully improving. But no book is ever perfect, and I am not a perfect writer. But at some point, I will just have to just stop. I've already decided when it was ready to show to beta readers, then when it was ready to query.

But ready for copy editing? Ready for layout? Ready for readers and reviewers? This is the scariest leap of all -- being really done, setting those words into stone.

How do you know when you're ready for a book to take the next step? How do you decide when it's time to hit send? When you get sick of it? When you can't tell how to improve? When a lucky date or an unmissable opportunity shows up?

Fortunately or unfortunately, this time I have a deadline. I'll be finished when that day comes.


  1. :) I'm in the middle of the same process for Treasured Lies. Just started my final read through in fact. I thought I might catch a few words here and there. Instead, I've got pages of red marks of things I want to change LOL It IS nerve-wracking - esp knowing that there aren't all that many steps left before it's "out there". :) But it's a fun nerve-wracking :)

  2. Having a deadline, as you said, helps. That's the point where you have to let it go. I usually tinker and tinker and tinker with my WIP until just the last minute and I have to push SEND to my advisor or to an editor.

    It's your baby. You want your baby to look good. I'm grateful for my beta readers. I'm especially grateful for proofreaders!


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