Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing & Chocolate

To create chocolate you need a delicate balance of ingredients. The chocolate artisan blends them together, forming them in a silky bar for consumption.

I love writing, and chocolate, so when I saw this advert I couldn't resist sharing it. So, in its yummy glory, I present 'The Chocolate Charmer.'

So why am I showing you a clip about some guy playing with his food?

Because the same can be said about writing.

As writers we are word charmers.

You take your ingredients (plots, scenes, language and characters) and blend them together. You heat them to temperature within your word program, moulding them into shape before the hungry reader devours.

We may not get as messy as Mr. Chocolate while we're creating (unless you discount the word count sweats, hair pulling revisions, and occasional screams when the computer freezes). But we get to enjoy the fruits of our labours when we've finished.

And, if we have any, a bar of chocolate.

There we go, two loves combined. Now where did I put my chocolate?


  1. LOve the analogy. Hmm? If I could eat my stories...they'd be chocolate covered coconut.

  2. That ad was so cool.

    Now I'm wanting chocolate.


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