Tuesday, July 3, 2012

J.K. Rowling's New Cover....What do you think of it?

So I know that this is two posts from me in one day. I just couldn't help myself this time. Have you all seen the cover reveal of J.K. Rowling's new book. If you haven't here it is!!

Tah DAH!!!!

Hmm....  Can you imagine the conversation that took place between the publisher and the artist.


Publisher: Hey! I have some exciting news for you!!

Artist: Yeah? What's that?

Publisher: We want YOU to do JK. Rowling's new book cover!!!

Artist: (Screams and jumps up and down, wetting himself on the floor).  REALLY?!!!

Publisher: Yeah! Isn't it awesome!!

Artist: WOO HOOO!!! So, what do you need me to do?? (His creative juices start flowing.)

Publisher: Well....We want you to make... (dramatic pause) a red cover...

Artist: And.... (growing more excited)

Publisher: Yes, a red cover with white writing.

Artist: (leans forward in his chair)

Publisher: And then, we want you to make a black square and but an "X" in it!!

Artist: (Waits for the publisher to continue.)

Publisher: Well?

Artist: Well what? Aren't you going to tell me the rest?

Publisher: I told you the rest. 

Artist: That's it? Just a square and an "X"?

Publisher: And a red cover...oh, with yellow trim.

Artist: (crickets)

Publisher: You still there? Aren't you EXCITED!!

Artist: Um... yeah sure. 

Publisher: We'll need it in 2 months. Think you can get it done by then.

Artist: I just sent it. Finished it already.


Just for fun, I did a quick mock up of the cover. What'cha think?  (grin)  Oh, and tell me what you think of Rowling's cover. And regardless of the simplicity, I will SO be there to buy it when it comes out. :o)


  1. Rowling cover sucks. It looks like some stupid chick in the city lit. Blech.

    It doesn't tempt me to read the book at all.

  2. I like it, but this is so funny!

  3. I really don't like the cover and I also HATE that the book is going to cost $50 hardcover!!!!!!!

  4. I'll read the book but I HATE the cover. I mean, really? I'm praying it's a fake to get us all talking and when the actual book comes out it's got a gorgeous cover to go with it.

  5. I don't have much opinion of the cover either way, but the pricing worries me. To me, the pricing suggests that the publisher doesn't have much faith in the book -- they seem to be expecting copies to sell to existing fans who are curious, rather than on its own merit. That's just the gut feeling I get from both all of the media attention and pricing and whatnot.

  6. I like the cover. Actually, it reminds me of Agatha Christie and gives the hint of an old English murder mystery in the book. And, as for the price, buying books all the time, I know how extremely expensive they are, whether written by J.K. Rowling or not.

  7. Thanks for starting off my morning with a great laugh!
    Nope, I don't like the cover. Not at all. And $50?????? I just don't know what to say. Wow.

  8. HAHA. I don't mind the cover. 50 bucks? Really? As much as I love Ms. Rowling there is no way I'm spending 50 on a book.

    1. I looked the book up and it appears it will only cost 35 American for a hardcover. And if I preorder it from Amazon it will only cost 23.19 Canadian.

  9. Hmm...not knowing a summary of the book, this cover doesn't do much to tell me what the plot is. I'll definitely be curious enough to read the book anyway. Maybe the publisher was going for "as far from Harry Potter's interesting covers as possible."

  10. The hardcover is definitely not 50 bucks, hehe :) It's 20 euros, so whatever that is in dollars (I'm guessing about 30).

    I guess this cover is due to the 'minimalist' craze that's going on. I bet it's trying to get in the vein of classic book covers--simple ones.

    I saw this on Mugglenet.com and immediately pulled up a blog draft and blogged about it! I was SO excited to see the cover. I imagined it would be some big war painting of rebellion and stuff, but I guess not.

    Great 'interview' though, hehe :)

  11. I think this is some psychological experiment perpetrated by the publishers - will millions of crazed fans buy a book without judging it by its cover? Truth - disappointed. But will still buy it the moment it hits the shelves. The First print run will probably be 2 million or something.


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