Thursday, July 19, 2012

Proposal Pros and Cons and the Amazing Time Suck that is Glee

So...I have been a TERRIBLE little blogger the last few weeks. My personal blog is a ghost town, and I missed my post on this blog last week.

The reason: I've been working on several proposals to send off to my publisher and with my kids at home for the summer (and my newfound and totally sidetracking obsession with Glee) work on the proposals is sometimes slow going.

Now there are many good and bad things about being able to sub on proposal.

Pro: I can sell a book based on a few chapters and the synopsis

Con: Those chapters need to rock. And I have to know how things are going to play out so I can do the synopsis. This is not easy for me.

Pro: Only needing to do a few chapters up front means I can focus my time on projects that have found a home, rather than on projects I just hope will find a home.

Con: Getting distracted is actually easier, I think, because in my head I'm thinking "Oh, I don't have that much work to do. I can afford to blow an entire day on a Glee marathon." And this just isn't true. Work needs to come first. But it feels true. And I want it to be true so bad. (Curse you Glee!!)

Pro: I can play around with all these awesome ideas I have, writing the first few chapters and spending some time outlining as I develop the story for the synopsis. I LOVE to brainstorm.

Con: SO MANY SHINY IDEAS!!! I still need to focus. Focusing is hard.

For the most part, I'm having a blast. I love swimming around in my idea file and pulling out a few that I think will make great stories. I love spending a little time with each one and I love that I have an amazing editor to share them with.

I just. Need. To. FOCUS.

And things like kids who are bored because it's too hot to play outside, cute new kitties running through the house, fun friends to talk to, awesome pages from awesome writer peeps to read, a never-ending TBR pile, and finding shows on Netflix that have three seasons of twenty-something hour-long episodes a piece that I must watch immediately *coughcurseyougleecough* sometimes make focusing on work a little difficult. Even when deadlines are looming :)

How is your summer going?


  1. oh i hear ya...i was deep into glee the winter before last, but had to go on haitus because NOTHING was getting done except me singing as i did the basic mundane things in everyday life. it was blissfully pathetic.

    1. LOL yeah. I have been getting chores done a bit faster. Mostly because I use Glee as a reward. "Get the dishes done and you can watch another episode!!!" :D

  2. I'm building a new home here in Mexico. I HAVE to pay attention to all details, so my mind keeps wandering to where electrical outlets will go. My muse though, won't let me off the hook.

  3. This post made me laugh. :) Plus, I love Glee. lol


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