Thursday, November 1, 2012

Arts & Crafts: Do Your Characters Make Stuff?

So. Yesterday was Halloween. When I was a kid, I LOVED Halloween. Mainly because that meant DRESS UP TIME and CANDY. Now I only like the candy part of Halloween. I don't really know why, but costumes don't get me as excited as before. 

I do, however, love seeing other people wearing costumes. My favorite costumes are the ones people make themselves instead of buying at a store. The dedication behind costume-making is intense, y'all. I'm in awe of those of you who can whip up something from nothing, then wear it like a boss. Seriously.

This whole costume design fixation (and fashion design in general) led me to wonder about characters and their stuff. Clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, you name it. My WIP has a character who designs and makes stuff, although they're more of the sharp-pointy, totally-can-kill-you variety. :) But I've yet to write about someone who just sits down and creates things they can wear, either for themselves or others. 

I'm curious: do your characters make stuff? If so, what do they make? Does it hold a special place in their hearts, or is it something they must do out of necessity? 


  1. Does making music count? If so, then yes. If no, then still yes, though it doesn't play an overly-large role in the story.

    1. Music most definitely counts! I can't play any instruments, so again, I admire those who can. Even if they're fake people :)

  2. One of my character's have a thing for making decorative desserts and any event is a good enough excuse for her to bring something to the table. :-) Hope that counts!

  3. OH YES IT COUNTS. *makes grabby hands at those desserts*

  4. Love this post! One of my characters loves to cook. She's like my sister-in-law, rather than like me. (I only cook when I have to.) I love to crochet, so one of these days, I'd like to write a book where a character crochets.

  5. One of my characters creates disguises for some of the main characters-- for when they need to be incognito. Her basement is full of artificial body parts and replica manikins, each with many personas ranging from old-aged to the opposite sex. It's actually pretty creepy. Especially the ones that aren't finished yet. :-)

  6. In my memoir in second grade I make a collage out of leaves, seeds, etc. I use the leaf as a skirt. I also learn how to knit - and the knitting is tight on the needles because at the time I learned I was being abused, my hands were constantly clammy and I was nervous and fearful, and it shows up in my stitches.


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