Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Mystery Agent REVEALED + Winner!

Great news, y'all! Our wonderful Mystery Agent has sent back her pick for our December contest! But before I announce who won, here's our December Mystery Agent:

Molly Jaffa from Folio Literary Management!!

Okay. Drumroll, please. Molly's pick for the FULL manuscript request is...


Here's A.J.s winning entry:

Genre: MG Mystery
Pitch Kam, a selectively mute seventh grader and world-class yo-yoer, must solve riddles on a scavenger hunt through Chicago to win big and save his financially distressed Catholic school from closing.

Congrats, A.J.!!!! Please send your full manuscript to molly (at) foliolit (dot) com!!

Molly also took some time to answer some questions! Here's le interview:

1) If you could pick one book that every writer should read, which one would it be and why?
This is a tough question. I can’t pick just one! I think it’s important to read widely, especially in the genre in which you write. Try not to get caught up in thinking “I want to write just like author X” or “I need to follow the advice in craft book Y.” There are many paths to writing success. Get to know the marketplace and what’s selling. It’s a good idea to read a book a week (I do this, too).   

2) What are you dying to see in your slushpile right now?
Contemporary YA with a great hook. Good writing and a strong voice isn’t enough! Your story also has to stand out from the pack.

3) Favorite TV show?
Of all time? The West Wing!

4) Chocolate or candy?
Chocolate, definitely.

5) Any tips for writers struggling with their one-line pitches?
Practice your pitch on people who haven’t heard it before and don’t know anything about your story. I do this before I pitch to editors! Sometimes we know a project so well that we make too many assumptions: about what will make sense, what’s self-explanatory, what will be intriguing, etc. It’s helpful to get a fresh perspective.

6) Do you have any exciting client/agency news to share?
Yes! I’ll be looking to expand my client list (and the genres I represent) early in the new year. Look for the news on Twitter – I’m @molly_jaffa. Thanks for having me!

A humongous thank you to Molly for being our December Mystery Agent!! Seriously, y'all. She's a sweetheart. Go query her! :)

And guess what? To those of you who didn't win this contest, you have another chance in January! Yes, not only are we throwing a New Year's Revisions Conference, we're also hosting a Mystery Agent contest on January 1st!!! *dances* So keep working on those pitches, and stay tuned for awesome advice on revising that manuscript.

Happy Wednesday! 


Michelle McLean said...

congrats to AJ and huge thanks to Molly!

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Awesome interview, and I love the winning pitch! Sounds so unique. How exciting about expanding your accepted genres, Molly! Thanks for being our MA!

A.J. Cattapan said...

Wow! I am so honored that my pitch was chosen. There were so many great entries. Thanks to Ms. Jaffa for choosing my pitch, and thanks to the Operation Awesome community for running this contest. You guys really are awesome! :)

Molly Jaffa said...

Thanks for having me, y'all! There were so many fantastic entries; unfortunately, I could only choose one winner. I hope many more of you will query me!

Amparo Ortiz said...

Thank YOU for stopping by and being our Mystery Agent, Molly! And yes, everyone query Molly! She's awesome :)