Monday, December 31, 2012

January Mystery Agent Contest Details!!!

Hello, all!!! You may or may not know that tomorrow is our January Mystery Agent Contest. For that reason, I'm here to provide a few details about what our Mystery Agent is and isn't looking for. 

So. Here's what our Mystery Agent wants:

Adult & YA fiction
-soft science fiction
-all subgenres of the aforementioned 3 genres
-gritty, dark narratives
-contemporary YA 
(lighthearted, funny, and moving with a raw, authentic teen voice)
-stories with strong characters, smart-mouthed dialogue, and strong plots that balance romance and action

Our Mystery Agent doesn't want the following:

-business books
-picture books
-religious/spiritual books
-self-help books
-travel books
-short stories

So there you go! If you have what our MA is looking for, then stop by tomorrow with your one-line pitch! 

Happy New Year!! :)


Anonymous said...

Since you didn't mention MG, I assume the MA is not looking for MG-related manuscripts?

Eric Steinberg said...

I want to prepare but am confused about a "one-line pitch". Is that shorter than a twitter pitch? Thanks!

Kristal Shaff said...

Hope this helps.

Eric Steinberg said...

Thanks! I do already have my one sentence pitch. You folks change it up from time to time and I thought the one-line pitch called for in the post was something new.

Kell Andrews said...

We do like to try different entry requirements, based on what our Mystery Agents like to see. Can't wait to see your pitch tomorrow!

Amparo Ortiz said...

Correct--no MG this time around.

Gabe (Ava Jae) said...

Sounds great! Thanks for another fantastic opportunity!

Unknown said...

Are we supposed to upload our one line pitch to the comments section on THIS page? Thanks for doing this!

Kell Andrews said...

Kelley, post your pitch here:

Unknown said...

Thanks... it looks like I missed it :) Oh well, maybe another time. Thanks anyway :)