Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tips For An Organized Writing Space

I am a firm believer in having a professional writing space. I just recently moved to a new office (outside of my home) that is dedicated to writing. I think its very important to have your own space filled with things that motivate you.

Here are some helpful tips for organizing your writing space.
1. Have good lighting.
2. A comfortable chair that fits your body.
3. Have everything you need within reach--such as your printer, extra paper and supplies.
3. Make sure you have a calendar that is visible.
4. Set up a tea or coffee area. Take a break every hour.
5. Have timecards and record your writing schedule--this will keep you on task.
6. Stickers--I love anything visual that helps me stay organized. I use stickers to mark the days I stay on task.

It also helps to have a writing pal. This is my dog Montie. Isn't he cute? 

Staying organized has helped me accomplish another important task--being part of  great program--Authors for Our Troops. This amazing program gets books directly from authors into the hands of soldiers.

Here are the signed copies of my books that are on their way to troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait.

For more information about this program please visit
Authors For Our Troops (Facebook Page)


  1. Your office is gorgeous!! Currently, I have a "corner" for an office but I'm happy to have that much. It's a start. LOVE that you send signed books to the troops!!

  2. I love your office! Mine is similar. Well, except I have a bed instead of a desk since my office is also my bedroom. And my dogs and cats ignore their little beds on the floor and sprawl all over me while I write. Authors for our Troops sounds great. I'm heading to FB to check it out.

  3. Nice office and great tips to keep in mind while setting up my space:)


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