Saturday, August 23, 2014

September Mystery Agent Lottery Winners!!!

Names and masked email addresses of winners, in no particular order:

Sally Lotz Spratt sjlot*****.***
Shelly shell*****.***
Sarah Floyd sarah*****.***
Myra Dyck myra.*****.***
katz  colle*****.***
Sean Lamb seanl*****.***
Stacy Reid nello*****.***
TS Liard tsarl*****.***
Martha Mayberry marty*****.***
Abigail Marble abbey*****.***
Zainab Khan zaina*****.***
Joseph Isaacs jcisa*****.***
Tanya Anne  sepic*****.***
Stephanie steph*****.***
Kimberly Sprinkles Cowger sprin*****.***
Leiann slbyn*****.***
Heather Powell heath*****.***
Linn Shekinah almon*****.***
Tlotlo Tsamaase rosew*****.***
SIan sian*****.***
Sue Berk Koch sberk*****.***
Rachel Hamby raham*****.***
Sharon Chriscoe schri*****.***
Jennifer McCoy jlynn*****.***
Jennifer Hawkins hiker*****.***
Rena Traxel Boudreau rjtra*****.***
Sunny Walker sunwa*****.***
Danielle Dufayet d.dan*****.***
LIsa Frischhertz mukay*****.***
Lucky Williams chama*****.***

Patty Way Medic - alternate #1

Lira Brannon - alternate #2 lirab*****.***

We had a bit of an issue with Rafflecopter removing ALL formatting from the entries, so we will be asking the winners to resubmit their entries. Winners, please check your email for information on resubmitting. Emails will be sent out shortly. Thanks to all who entered and a HUGE thanks to everyone for your patience as we work the kinks out of this new process. 

Be sure to check back September 1st for the critique forum. All entries from winners who opted to participate will be posted for cheerleading and feedback.

Congrats to everyone who made it through! And don't worry if you didn't make it through this time around. We have another contest coming up in October. 

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