Saturday, December 6, 2014


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There are many platforms a writer can have.

With my horror novel currently in movie production, I’ve learned to embrace the film industry and make it my writing platform. It has been such an exciting adventure—the best in my writing career.

Whatever your fan base, expanding your platform will make you a more successful author.

Most of us know about knowing our target audience, setting up a website, and planning long-term goals, but here are a few additional things that have been most helpful for me.

1. Hootsuite: It’s a great social media management tool. It saves time and lets you have multiple networks and campaigns in place. It is a cool tool that allows you to know what people are saying about your book and helps you respond quickly. 

2. Make a calendar of what you plan to do for the week and stick to it.

3. Look into groups or clubs that are offline and organizations with interests that are linked to your writing. Introduce yourself and your writing and see if there is room for them to include you in flyers, newsletters and other media. For example, I wrote a Russian YA Novel that was published this year by Clean Teen Publishing. I contacted a Russian travel agency and was able to be listed in their mass email list. I also contacted a YA group that was Russian based and was able to be included in their book club as well.

4. Create a media or press kit that really stands out. Create links, downloads and reader packages.

5. Partner with other authors and brainstorm. Attend writing conferences and have business cards or posters ready to hand out. Try to form new friendships and network with others by joining a book club or writers group.

6. Learn about Hashtags and use them with twitter. Follow those who follow you and share their tweets. Show an interest in others.    

Wrap it up—something about it being a time consuming process, but so worth it in the “long run” when it comes to successful book launches and fan support. Not to mention emotional support when things get tough in the public world.  

A sneak Peek behind the production of The Forlorned.


Actor Colton Christensen playing the part of Tom Doherty

Director Andrew Wiest and Producer Ryan Reed reading over the Screenplay

Cory Dangerfield as Murphy with Mitch Underhill and Colten Christensen
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