Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Frozen Guide to Ideas

I do love a GIF post. Seriously. I've got Van Der Queries here. And Buffy here. And a bit of Doctor Who here. Some Tangled. Let the tradition continue with the Frozen guide to ideas. 

The moment you wake up with a shiny new idea:

Anna Disney Frozen animated GIF

And you think:

frozen animated GIF

happy animated GIF

The exhilaration of jotting down some basic plot points: 

disney animated GIF

Although it can be hard to see where the story is going: 

animation animated GIF

And you think:

reaction animated GIF

So it's time for a break:

Anna Chocolate animated GIF

Sometimes a quick break is all you need to get back to feeling like this: 

excited animated GIF

Happy Wednesday.

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