Sunday, December 14, 2014

Books for the Frugal Soul

Being a college kid, free things are hard to come by. But when they do, I am hard wired to snatch them up. You know, as long as its legal. This is true of free food but especially true of free books.

 Here's the unfortunate thing about books- they can be expensive and its hard to buy them in bulk. So what is a voracious reader with limited funds to do?

Well, there are libraries for one. Libraries stock books to be checked out and brought back. And a lot of times, when books become to worn, they give them away for free.

I also frequent book giveaways in which authors offer up free copies of their books. Its always a slim chance, but its a good way to spread the word and support the author. 

Now when it comes to books I really love, I will always buy them for my permanent collection. And I'll always write a review to encourage others to buy the book.

Now what not to do? Don't download books illegally. Support the authors. Its their livelihood. Find good deals on amazon. Support libraries. Write reviews and spread the word. These are all great things you can do for authors, even with limited funds.

Now if you excuse me, I have a huge stack of books to start reading.

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