Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Call for Submissions from a NEW PUBLISHER

Check out this new publisher! 

From their website:

Here at Jack Sprat Press, we are inspired by the independent music movement that dared to go against the mainstream and produce something the larger companies refused to touch. Our mission is to emulate that rebellious attitude to give readers  something a little different, and artists a place to explore.

We believe that a work shouldn’t just be enjoyable, it should be art. Push the boundaries of your talent. Dare to break the rules. Write the story everyone told you no one would read. And draw in ways that defy the mainstream.  But don’t take yourself too seriously, either. Have fun with your creations. Experiment.

At Jack Sprat Press, we think anything done well is worth reading.

What are they looking for?

We are now accepting submissions for flash fiction and comics no longer than four pages (think 2000 AD‘s future shocks) for our debut issue, coming September 1, 2015.

Submissions will run through June 1st to August 1st.

Genre mash-up, inspired by a song title (e.g. Diary of Jane about alien zombies, a fairytale apocalypse titled Iridescent, etc.), no more than 1000 words. It must be a complete, stand-alone story with a unique twist. Make us go, “hmmm…”

Complete 4-page comics, art included, also inspired by a song title. We like dark stories with a whimsical twist (e.g. Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman). Any style is accepted. We’re fans of manga, superhero, even stick figures. Wow us with your originality.


Science Fiction
Magical Realism

Check out their website for more information and spread the word! 

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