Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekend Writing Prompts: Moon Cheese, Moonflower, and Djinn Revolt

It's Friday!! I have some writing prompts for you to whet your imagination:

a) (This one's for my eight-year-old son:) Write about a troll that lives on the moon and mines it for cheese. Who is his competition for the moon cheese? And how does he resolve conflicts with the natives?

b) The moonflower only blooms in the light of the full moon. Then it lasts three nights before it withers and its power becomes null. You've heard of a hill across the water where moonflower grows like clover among the grass, but nobody in the kingdom has seen one in over a hundred years. You wonder if it's just a myth, but it can't be, because you desperately need its power: the power of invisibility. Why?

c) The djinn are in full revolt against their masters and each other. The favoring of djinn of one province over the djinn of the outer realms has long been a source of jealousy and contention when the djinn meet in the between place. What mistreatment brought this friction to a boiling point? Is there any way a small child can broker peace between them before their war destroys both the between place and the human world?

Happy Weekend Writing!

If you use one of our prompts, let us know in the comments. Even better, share your flash fiction.

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