Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekend Writing Prompts: a Rumor, a Coma, and a Thousand Years

Welcome to another gorgeous Friday at Operation Awesome! If you're writing this weekend, or even if you weren't planning on it, give these prompts a try. They may just help you get your creative juices flowing!

Prompt a) The ballroom din falls to a hush as your main character enters alone. Nothing but the swishing of ball gowns and whispers fills the empty air. What are they whispering about? How does your character react? Is he or she stoic, melancholy, or jubilant? 

Prompt b) She's been jumping in and out of books in the old magic library for the better part of three days, and she still can't find the one her dad read to her before he fell into his coma. She's certain the villain of that story had something to do with it, and the answer to reviving him lies in that same story. If only she could remember the title, or the author, or anything. Why had she been half paying attention during his reading? What part of that world had distracted her from the main plot which had so affected her father? How does she feel about her mother's reaction to the coma? What will happen to her family if she doesn't find the book and save her dad?

Prompt c) To Sam, every thousand years of humanity is simply a day. In the morning, he sees one civilization rise, and in the evening, he raises a generation of warriors to re-establish order after a period of anarchy. Every half hour is a little more than 20 years, and he's weary. A time travel experiment gone awry has doomed him to this strange and disconnected existence. Humans regard him as a god, not something that was once human like themselves. Their lives are like sand slipping through his fingers, and his relationships are with family lines, not individuals. Love is out of the question. Is there any hope for Sam? How could he possibly get out of the time warp he's in, and would his problems be solved if, say, he resumed human life, only to end up in a time period of war and unrest? Can he have romance after all, or is he doomed to be alone forever? Where is the end of time?

From shallow to deep. What did you come up with? If you use one of our prompts, we'd love to hear about it in the comments! Happy weekend and happy writing!

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