Thursday, August 20, 2015

Please Welcome Melinda!

Greetings writer folks!

I’m Melinda Friesen, one of the new kids here, and I’m super excited to get to know you all.

About Writer Me:
Most of my novels are young adult sci-fi, but I’ve also ventured into young adult contemporary, middle grade fantasy and new adult paranormal romance. In addition, I write literary and genre short stories. I’ve been querying novels and sending out short stories for four years and have well over a hundred rejections on file. Do I get a trophy for that? I think I should get a trophy.

In November of 2014, I finally got to hold, caress, snuggle my first published novel, Enslavement (YA sci-fi/dystopian). It was surreal. I didn’t cry. I did, however, feel like throwing up.

About Day Job Me:
Like most writers, I have a day job. I’m Marketing Director and Acquisitions Editor at Rebelight Publishing Inc., a small Canadian publisher. I love fishing jewels out of the slush pile, getting to know authors and sharing great books with the world.

About Regular Me:
I have a husband and four kids. Three of the kids are teenagers, an age group I absolutely love. I’d take teens over toddlers any day. Writing is my favourite thing to do, but I also jog to keep my butt from looking too writerly. I belong to two writers’ groups, both of which are awesome. I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order in under a minute. I’m originally from Oregon, but have lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for 21 years now.

Question of the day: Should having oodles of rejection letters to your name be a badge of honour or a dunce cap of shame? You know how I feel about it, but I'd like to hear what you think. Please leave a comment. 

I love to interact on social media. Twitter: @melindafriesen  Facebook: MelindaFriesen1 Find me and we can swap rejection stories.

This is my official author picture. I was informed by some fourth graders I was speaking to that it doesn’t look like me. 

This is my book. Forgive her, she stares.


  1. Hi! My toddler is currently dripping popsicle juice all over the place and demanding to watch Peppa Pig. Do they still do this as teens? ;) It's nice to meet you, off to follow on Twitter!

  2. Hello Leandra! Nice to meet you too.
    You might be surprised. My teens like to wander with food. I do find moldy dishes under beds now and then, but they get to clean it up themselves. They're more into Regular Show than Peppa.:)

  3. Congratulations on becoming part of Operation Awesome! You know I love your books!

  4. Thanks Marlene! I just turned Enslavement's sequel in to my editor, so hopefully I'll have another book for you in the spring.:)

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