Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flash Fiction Contest #3 Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's contest. You did not disappoint. Some of you even seemed intent on giving me nightmares. At least now I have some new things to occupy my thoughts while doing a midnight bathroom run.

Flash Fiction Contest #3 Prompt: 2-sentence horror story

Entry by Theresa Milstein

"The surgery to replace your failing kidney was a complete success," the surgeon says. She lifts your hospital gown to reveal the x on the left while the incision is on the right.


Honorable Mentions


Category: From Worse to Worser

Red eyes stared out at me from the crawl space and a voice whispered, "Demon." I backed away and ran into my dead sister standing behind me.


Category: D-: EW

"Can you feel me eating your heart? That's why I only took a few bites."


Category: BOO!
Winner: ShennonDoah

When Jenny took the trash out the back door of the health club, she didn't remember rain being in the forecast for that evening. Shielding her eyes and squinting upwards, she realized it wasn't rain, but the bloody arm and lifeless face staring at her through the grated emergency escape.


Category: Made Me LOL
Winner: Kacey Card

Rebecca looked around at her five companions then into the merciless eyes of the killer. An icy chill crept up her spine when she realized she was the character with no last name.


As a reminder, our grand prize winner (grand prize: the badge; yes, we're fancy around here with our prizes) can't win again for another three months. For those who won an Honorable Mention, you didn't get the badge; therefore, you have no waiting period.

Our next contest is Friday, Nov. 6! Come back then!

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  1. Oh, wow. Thank you! How cool I've got a badge with my name. When I read through the other entries on Saturday, I thought I didn't stand a chance! I can see here I'm in great company. Thanks for the fun challenge!


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