Friday, October 16, 2015

Flash Fiction Contest #3

Hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us! If you're here for the first time, might I suggest having a gander at The Rules, etc.?

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Flash Fiction Prompt For Friday, October 16, 2015

Because we have a fun format that's different from the first two, I want to underline not plagiarizing. These are short enough that I'll be checking the Reddit thread. If you created your entry somewhere else that I might find it, please say so, provide a link to where, and if your name doesn't match with what you're submitting here, why.

*rubs hands together gleefully* I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

P.S. I fully expect to select more than one, since you guys are so creative and these are so short. It depends on the number of entries, though. Tweet us! Get your friends to enter!


Unknown said...

You yawn as you wake from the anesthesia, greeted by the doctor pulling back the curtain. He places a breathing mask over your face as you realize… you weren’t scheduled for any surgery.

A scared child under the covers and a twin under the bed. You draw your blade slowly with a wicked smile, which to kill first?

The reflection in the mirror grins at you malevolently. Suddenly its smile drops and turns to terror as it points to something behind you.

You look down at your body, the same dream every night. Tonight though, cold breath brushes the back of your neck.

You mimic your mother as she mouths, “Only boring people get bored.” You giggle as you pull your hand from her neck and let her head fall to the floor.

Ben Baxter @TheBenBaxter

Unknown said...

Kacey Card
The age old question, is there a heaven or a hell, was finally answered for Blaine. Hell was not the burning plain he once thought but the cold and barren wasteland of too many regrets.

Rebecca looked around at her five companions then into the merciless eyes of the killer. A icy chill crept up her spine when she realized she was the character with no last name.

P.I. Barrington said...

"Can you feel me eating your heart? That's why I only took a few bites."

Serial #1: "Let's dump her alive in the wet cement!"
Serial #2: "Idiot, then we won't live long enough for them to find her."

He crept up the staircase without sound but with enough cord to finish her. That was until he felt the serrated blade slowly slide below his shoulder and up toward his heart.

He loved them all, his family. That's why he had to demolish their demons with the old, at times blunt, axe.

She wasn't kidding when she said she'd slice his pancreas out of him. That organ on the floor was the last thing he saw.


Unknown said...

1 - Elias completed the incantation in the silent crypt. He didn't know if it worked, until the blood began to flow from his eyes.

2 - Chanda slid the pin into the doll. Ford convulsed in pain.

3 - Humber screamed. The violation was made worse by the feel of cold slime on his body.

4 - The texture of the wood was cheap pine. She'd be out of her coffin in no time.

5 - "We'll be together forever," he said. She looked at the chain and screamed.


Theresa Milstein said...

"The surgery to replace your failing kidney was a complete success," the surgeon says. She lifts your hospital gown to reveal the x on the left while the incision is on the right.

I enter the room and they chant, “Join us in the never-ending feast.”
The door slams shut.

(The above one is adapted from something I shared on my blog:

She taps the phone screen repeatedly, but wi-fi's dead and there's no data. The suburban teen screams.

She stares at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. The shower curtain rips open behind her.

I always check for monsters under the bed. I thought I'd have time to react when I found one... or did it find me?


Kara Reynolds said...

My wife just woke me up to tell me the baby's crying. She's been dead for 6 months.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

"Would you like to cut the cord, Dad?" said the thing that had just emerged from my wife's blanched body.

wrekehavoc said...

After braving the airline ticketing counter, stressing out on the TSA line, and barely squeaking it onto the plane, my husband and I felt a wave of calm rush over ourselves as we sat down, only to realize we had forgotten the diapers. We glanced over at Baby Girl as a suspiciously loud ripple sounded from her bottom.

Kathleea said...

At three in the morning the landline rang. I don't have a landline.

Red eyes stared out at me from the crawl space and a voice whispered, "Demon." I backed away and ran into my dead sister standing behind me.

A hand caresses my cheek waking me. I live alone.

The face in the mirror isn't my face. It's hers and she's been dead for over 100 years.

The sound of dirt being thrown on the lid of my coffin makes me cry out. No one hears me.

Jamie said...

Once Sally hit the end of her agents list, she had no one left to query. The manuscript had to be shelved.


Kara Reynolds said...


Unknown said...

Diane cleaned the fitness facility every weekend after it closed. Late one Friday night, from the women's locker room, she heard an unfamiliar sound - the elevator descending from the second floor.

When Jenny took the trash out the back door of the health club, she didn't remember rain being in the forecast for that evening. Shielding her eyes and squinting upwards, she realized it wasn't rain, but the bloody arm and lifeless face staring at her through the grated emergency escape.

Freezing in terror, I noticed my key ring, all keys intact, laying next to my spare house key. I looked up from the table into the mirror along the dining room wall, and straight into the eyes of a crazy woman!

--ShennonDoah @shendog19

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

-.- This actually happened with me, my husband, and our 5-day-old daughter, except it was at the doctor's office and thankfully not a plane.

wrekehavoc said...

And it filled you with horror, didn't it ;)

wrekehavoc said...

oh, and i'm @wrekehavoc :-)