Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cover Reveal: Treasure at Lure Lake, by Shari L. Schwarz

Today we are excited to help share the cover of Treasure at Lure Lake, by Shari L. Schwarz. I remember seeing Shari's book in Twitter pitch parties, and even an Operation Awesome contest! I'm so excited that it's found a home.

When twelve-year-old Bryce stumbles upon a secret treasure map in his grandpa's barn loft, he doesn't mean to steal it or unearth a painful family secret. He's determined to find what's hidden even if it means lying to Grandpa.

As Bryce, his big brother, Jack, and Grandpa backpack to his cabin, sibling rivalry clouds the brothers' judgment, and all Bryce's plans for an epic adventure go downriver. The boys must work together to survive the dangers of the wilderness, and each other. But when a climbing accident leaves Bryce unconscious and hanging between life and death, their family's secret may never see the light of day... and Jack may not be strong enough to rescue them both.

Treasure at Lure Lake will be published on April 12th by Cedar Fort Books. Shari Schwarz lives in Colorado with her husband and their four boys. Treasure at Lure Lake is her debut and reflects her love for a good adventure story and for hiking and camping in the Northern Colorado Rockies.

Shari is hosting a Kindle Fire giveaway on her blog in honor of the cover reveal. Enter by January 8th! http://www.sharischwarz.com

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  1. Thank you so much for helping me celebrate!!! I love OA!!!

  2. This sounds GREAT! love the sibling conflict, as I'm sure my boys would mirror much. Wilderness, tension, sounds awesome. Love the modern cover. Very cool. Congratulations, Shari. Glad your book found a home. Can't wait to read it.

  3. Congratulations Shari! This looks great.

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