Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday Museday gets stabbed in the back

Betrayal is a fascinating subject to write about, due to the fact that there are so many different ways people (and therefore characters) react to it. Including a surprise betrayal in your manuscript can be a brilliant plot point, but it is also a great opportunity to show your character's emotions. Betrayals can range in their degree of severity; they aren't always huge things.

This week, try including a betrayal of some kind in your MS. Put some thought into how each of your characters would choose to react, whether it's curl into a ball and retreat or lash out at others.

I have time this week to do a few query letter or Twitter pitch critiques, so if you'd like fresh eyes on yours, please let me know in the comments! #PitMad is this Thursday; if you want your Twitter pitch critiqued in time to use it for that, let me know!


  1. My entire manuscript is about betrayal. I'd love a twitter pitch critique. Thanks!

    1. Send it to operationawesome6 at gmail with "Tuesday critique" in the subject line. If you want it in time for #PitMad let me know in the email. Thanks!

  2. I, too, have a betrayal! Would love a look at my new query!

  3. Great idea, will have to go over my MS. Would love a query critique!

  4. Paula and Swati, you're in! Send your query letters in the body of an email to operationawesome6 at gmail.

  5. My novel is also about betrayal, but between brothers. I'd love to get a query critique too! :)

  6. Okay, that's the cutoff! No more!


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