Thursday, April 20, 2017

#AtoZchallenge Quiz! Are You're Cut Out For Self-Publishing?

The #AtoZChallenge 2017 Theme at Operation Awesome is the Publishing Journey.

Today it's time for a Quiz! Are You're Cut Out For Self-Publishing?

Fake magazine cover art #AtoZchallenge 2017 Operation Awesome Quiz! Are You're Cut Out For Self-Publishing

1: You used a great idea to write a good book.

A) Yes!
B) Maybe. I mean, I've encountered worse...
C) Wait, there's writing involved?

2: There's no "do not compete clause" stopping you.

A) Free as a bird here.
B) I do have a publishing contract, and there might be a clause like that, but I'm not a lawyer, so what do I know?
C) I compete at Scrabble all the time. Is that what you mean?

3: You know if your book has broad appeal or is a niche.

A) I wrote for a niche, or I think I can reach a broad audience on my own.
B) Don't all books appeal to all readers all the time?
C) That's a French word. Is Oliver building a nest? Owls are cool.

4: You're ready to be a relentless self-promoter!

A) I have a marketing strategy and scheduled blocks of time dedicated to getting the word out about my book. I've researched publicity, scheduled blog tours, and know the audience I'll appeal to most. I've brainstormed ways to reach my fanbase. I even have short fiction published, so my name is out there.
B) I'll send out a Tweet to my 20 followers and tell my friends or whatever. It'll be fine. Plus, I expect that someone else will do half the work for me because my future matters.
C) I saw a cat eating a pinecone on YouTube once.

beta fish
5: Beta readers have given you valuable feedback.

A) Several of them have reviewed my last draft and think it's good to go. I've revised it to the best of my ability.
B) My mom thinks it's pretty good. She's the only one who read it.
C) I had no idea beta fish could read!

6: You have an eye-catching, professional cover.

A) You bet! It ranked high in a focus group. The cover is as clear at thumbnail size as it is at regular book size. My title and author name are visible and legible.
B) My friend took an art class one time, so I asked him to just draw whatever on a huge canvas. I'll shrink it down and use that.
C) Everyone knows that people never judge books by covers.

7: A professional editor has given you feedback.

A) Yes, I hired a professional editor. I've also heard my book read out loud and was pleased.
B) I was really good in writing class, so I'm sure it's fine.
C) Why is the rum always gone?

8: How important is control of your work, including the publication date?

Pinky and the Brain image
A) I know what I want and will not settle for something else. Also, time is a factor for me.
B) I'm willing to compromise some control to gain the help of industry professionals. Waiting another year or two for my book to come out seems reasonable.
C) Like Brain, I'm going to take over the world... once Pinky comes back with my newest device.

9: Did you research your browsing categories and determine the best price for your book?

A) I have my Amazon browse categories picked out along with my five to seven descriptive keywords. I know what sells in my genre and for how much, and have priced my book accordingly.
B) I'll stick it wherever and sell it for ninety-nine cents because that's how things work.
C) How does cheese smell since it doesn't have a nose?

10: Do you have a clear goal for your book?

A) Yes. I know that indie books often sell 250 books total, but traditional books (without a huge marketing campaign) often sell 1,000 total; I've weighed those numbers when setting my expectations. I have a plan on how I'll get reviews for my book. I know what contests to enter my book in if I hope to win awards. I'm ready to connect with fans and network my way to more readers.
B) The validation of traditional publishing is my biggest goal. Anything else is icing and sprinkles.
C) Soccer time!
soccer goal image

Mostly A: You're cut out for self-publishing. If it's your debut book, be sure to contact me on Twitter for a possible interview!

Mostly B: You have some work to do. The guidance of the traditional publishing route is worth looking into in your case. If you do self-publish, be sure you research more first! Don't take editing for granted in either case.

Mostly C: Thanks for coming by for the jokes. Obviously, you aren't interested in self-publishing, but you already knew that.

What tips would you give to a self-publishing author?

#AtoZchallenge 2017 Operation Awesome Quiz! Are You're Cut Out For Self-Publishing


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I'm mostly A, but I still have a bit of work to do to fulfill some of the requirements. I appreciate the little tips that were sprinkled in.

  2. Mostly A, but still some work to do. Thanks for this post. Q is Quest for Quality as you Build a Better Blog. #AtoZchallenge.

  3. Great quiz! As someone who spent 20 years (off and on) trying to get traditionally published and finally made it, I can say that route isn't for everyone! And even once you're published, there are no guarantees. But it has opened a lot of doors for me as a freelance writer. Having books out seems to give you some street cred as a writer!

  4. obviously I'm not ready for self publishing or really anything, I guess I just can't get pass #7 because how do you choose when there are no many editors out there?

    I enjoy reading this, mostly for the jokes, thanks.

    have a lovely day.

  5. Fun quiz! The self promotion question is the hardest. My advice to an indie author would be to act like a tortoise and maintain a steady pace.

  6. Fun quiz! The self promotion question is the hardest. My advice to an indie author would be to act like a tortoise and maintain a steady pace.

  7. The characteristic that sold me on self-publishing was knowing I could bring it to market much faster than a traditional approach. At my age, that's important!

  8. Such a clever quiz... and yet I learned what I need to do in order to have a successful self-publishing career. Thank you!
    Journaling: R is for Retreat

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