Friday, June 30, 2017

Flash Fiction Contest #32

Next week, the boom of firecrackers will be resounding all over the U.S. (or, if you live in my neighborhood, even longer after that) in celebration of the 4th of July. Write a 100 word flash fiction piece including the word firecracker somewhere in it (does not have to be 4th of July themed). Entries need to be in by noon on 7/2, with the winner announced later that evening. Rules can be found here.

For those celebrating the holiday, stay safe and have fun!!


  1. Mom pulls her car up the long driveway. Sitting next to her, I grip the door handle, bouncing on the seat like I’m five years old again.

    “Ready?” Mom asks.

    “Yeah, I can’t believe he’s ours.”

    Mom always said once I was older, more responsible, I could have a dog. I turned twelve last month, so I guess I’m responsible.

    Mom cuts the engine. I push the door open, jump out and race into the SPCA. His distinctive howl rings through the hallway and I race into the kennel area. My face lights up.

    “Firecracker!” I yell. “You’re going home.”

  2. I bury my head in my mom’s body avoiding the fingers.
    “Fiery, be brave. You’re almost up.”
    “I don’t want to. Let me stay with you.”
    She clears her throat. “You can’t. We’re all preparing to go. And the smallest are first.”
    “I’m scared.” My body and hair jiggle.
    “This is what we were made for.” Her body touches mine. “It’ll be fine.”
    My voice rises two decibels, “It won’t. We’re about to die.”
    She frowns. “We give mini-thrills, so step up, Firecracker.”
    The fingers reach for me, holding me tight, before the excruciating heat consumes me.
    I’m dying...

  3. Have a happy fourth of July. ☺


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