Friday, June 23, 2017

It's My Birthday & I'll Slack If I Want To

Today should have been a #OAFlash Fiction Contest post, but...I forgot to prep for it, and I'm going to use my birthday as a slacker excuse.

So instead, I'll just talk to you, how 'bout that? So I had a miserable Monday this week. Usually Mondays are just Mondays to me, and I don't buy into it the hype that they're some kind of cursed day. Except on this particular Monday, I got a parking ticket (at a whopping $40 bucks!), lost the key to the mower, and then flooded the kitchen because I forgot and left the faucet running.

I was...not in a good place. (as in, sobbing while I'm throwing towels down on our new indoor wading pool)

But the week improved and today is Friday, and my birthday, and I'm going to eat at the Italian restaurant next door to my work for lunch. So exited to get some yummy bread!

And then tonight is my birthday dinner at my in-laws. I picked chicken casserole, cheesy scalloped potatoes, salad, & crescent rolls. Then it's ice cream cake for dessert. Can anyone tell I like my food? ;)

Then the glorious weekend begins, and Saturday night, I'm dragging out our fire pit for the first s'mores of the season. (I did say I liked food...?)

Have a great one, everyone!!


Michael Di Gesu said...

Happy birthday, Leandra! ENJOY all the yumminess that goes with it!

Leandra Wallace said...

Thank you!!

ikmar said...

I flooded my kitchen too--except in my case it dripped onto the fuse panel and almost set the house of fire :O so I know how it feels.

Sounds like a great birthday dinner -- with so many c's I'm surprised there are no cookies :)

Leandra Wallace said...

Ooooh no, glad your house didn't burn down!!