Friday, June 16, 2017

Graphics Giveaway!

I super enjoy designing graphics. Much like decorating a room, I love dabbling with colors and fonts and pictures, and seeing what fits and what doesn't. I'm normally the go-to-girl when it comes to my critique partners, for graphics for teasers,giveaways, and what not.

Not saying I'm super good at it, but I think I'm at least competent, lol! So with that, here's an offer for you all: The first two people to comment on this post will receive one free graphic from me. It can be a teaser from your book, an email or blog header, an invitation, a quote you like, anything, really!

If your email isn't available on your profile or on your own site, then please leave it in your comment, so I can easily contact you. Barring any interruptions, I should be able to have your graphics to you by next Friday, 6/23.

Here's some examples of graphics I've done:

(Psst! This giveaway is still going on...) ;)

(Disclaimer: This picture was provided by Kristin's publisher, I just added the text.)

So there you are, and I look forward to working with the winners! 


  1. crossing fingers, this is awesome.

  2. Thanks for this opportunity! I'd love a header for my blog :)

  3. Wow, that happened fast, lol! For everyone else who was interested, I'll hold another giveaway here in a few weeks.

  4. Late! Eternally late, that's me.
    And sometimes fashionable.

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  6. I hope you share the graphics here. I'd like to see them. :0)

  7. For anyone who wanted to see the graphics, I put the awesome header Leandra did for me on my blog:!
    Thank you again, Leandra!

  8. Thank you for sharing valuable information.





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