Monday, July 29, 2019

LAST CALL for YOUR input for our next Pass Or Pages!

In case y'all were on vacation last week, we posted four YA Horror entries with agent comments [YAY to all of you who participated!].

Here's what we've done so far for Pass Or Pages:

January 2016 – Adult mystery & thriller
March 2016 – YA contemporary
May 2016 – MG speculative
July 2016 – Women's fiction
September 2016 – YA speculative
November 2016 – MG contemporary
March 2017 – Adult sci-fi/fantasy
May 2017 – YA contemporary
July 2017 – Contemporary romance
September 2017 – MG sci-fi/fantasy
March 2018 – YA sci-fi/fantasy
July 2018 – YA contemporary
September 2018 – Diverse YA fairy tales, folktales, & myths
May 2019 – Adult historical fiction
July 2019 – YA horror

Last Friday, we posted and also tweeted a request for you 
to suggest genres and age ranges for our next Pass Or Pages event.  Here's what we have as of the date I'm drafting this post, from the comments last Friday and as responses to our tweets:

MG fantasy – 2 votes
MG humor – 1 vote
YA mystery – 2 votes
YA mystery or sci-fi – 1 vote
YA thriller – 1 vote
YA fantasy – 1 vote
YA political contemporary – 1 vote
Adult fantasy – 2 votes
Adult urban fantasy – 1 vote
Adult thriller – 2 votes
Adult general/contemporary fiction – 1 vote

This makes 15 people who are engaged and participating.  Thank you!
I'm sure there are several others of you out there who have an opinion.  We want to know what it is!  Please leave a comment on THIS post, or respond to one of our tweets, RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOU FORGET OR GET DISTRACTED.  What genre and age range do YOU want to see for the next Pass Or Pages?

Thank you!


  1. On twitter I suggest MG paranormal and horror, but for the categories already listed, I'd vote MG fantasy.

  2. YA mystery gets my vote. Thanks for giving us a chance to weigh in.

  3. YA Fantasy!! Or even YA Suspense

    I noticed Romance isn't on there. I'm new to the blog. Is Romance avoided in this contest? That seems to be one genre not ever brought up.

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