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Jordan Zucker's Debut Author Spotlight #ODFS is #Cooking up #20Questions at Operation Awesome

Debut Author Spotlight from @JLenniDorner on @OpAwesome6

One Dish - Four Seasons: Food, Wine, and Sound - All Year Round by Jordan Zucker

1- What's your favorite memory from being on Scrubs?

When Bill Lawrence directed and he’d throw new lines at us between takes. It was so much fun to be part of a professional process where talent was trusted all around.

2- Would you please, in 160 characters or less, give a #WriteTip ?

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, when you have an idea or inspiration, start typing. Don’t judge the process. You may never think it’s finished, but one day it may be printed.

3- What ignited your passion for writing?

Clear expression, communication, entertainment, and humor.

4- Of all the songs listed in the book, which is your favorite?

A mother doesn’t pick favorites.

5- What's your Twitter handle, and do you have two or three writer friends on there to shout-out to for #WriterWednesday ?

@jordzuck - two of my sorority sisters are bad ass authors - Allison Winn Scotch @aswinn and Laura Dave @lauradave

6- Would you share a picture with us with one of the dishes from the book?

Crab Guacamole

7- Where, in your opinion, is the best place to buy a bottle of wine to go with dinner?

That depends on your access. Straight from the winery if it’s within shot. If not a local wine merchant with a curated list.

8- What most motivates you to read a new book?

Subject matter and writing style.

9- What is your favorite book by someone else, what's the author's Twitter handle, and what do you love most about that book? #FridayReads book recommendation time!

Author name: Richard Feynman
Title: Six Easy Pieces
Love because: I’m a math/science girl. My high school boyfriend gave it to me.

10- Who is currently your biggest fan? What does that person love most (or "ship") about your debut novel?

Do I have fans?!?! That’s so nice!

11- What emotions do you hope your book will evoke for the reader?

Community, hospitality, joy. Eat together, drink together, groove together, love together.

12- Who should play in the next Superbowl?

KC vs NO
I’m a Saints fan so that’ll always be my pick. With or without Brees.
And anyone but the Patriots for ALC but that’s not the reality of our times right now. I want to see some of that Mahomes magic in Miami.

13- How do you hope your book will help readers in their life?

Eat locally, take risks in the kitchen.

14- Which recipe from your book do you feel is the most original, unusual, or unique?

I’ll go with my fish prep. It’s my signature dish and I haven’t seen anyone else put the fish on top of the greens enabling the fish juices cook into the greens while it’s all roasting.

15- #WeNeedDiverseBooks What's your favorite book with a diverse main character?


16- Who is your favorite book review blogger?

I'm not sure - This is all new to me!

17- What was the deciding factor in your publication route?

I wasn’t a big enough celebrity to get a book deal so I did it myself and benefited from complete creative control.

18- Why do you think readers should write book reviews?

To spread the good word! It may inspire someone else to pick up the book.

19- Do you have one question or discussion topic which you would like the readers of this interview to answer or remark on in the comments?

Have you ever noticed a seasonal pattern in your music choices. e.g. is your favorite winter album different from your favorite summer album?

20- Anything else you would care to share about your book and yourself?

Jordan Zucker is an accomplished writer, actor, host, cook, and entertainer. She loves to creatively incorporate meals into every type of celebration (and who can’t find at least one reason to celebrate a day…). She has shared her expertise as a guest star on Food Network’s Grill It! with Bobby Flay, and has entertained audiences as “Lisa the intern” on NBC’s Scrubs. She continues to educate, engage, empower, and entertain through her own comedic sports series, Girls Guide to Sports, which she writes, hosts, and produces. She combined her love of football and food in her “Monday Night Matchup Menus” series, creating meals each week based on the teams playing in Monday Night Football. She has expanded into cooking for other sports on the Girls Guide website. Jordan attends live music concerts religiously and keeps abreast of current gems and classic legends in the music world. Here, she combines three of her biggest passions, food, wine, and music, to bring you her first book.

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One Dish - Four Seasons: Food, Wine, and Sound - All Year Round by Jordan Zucker

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