Monday, August 31, 2020

Let's prepare for Pass or Pages!

Can you believe it's already SEPTEMBER?  Autumn is almost here!

Our last Pass or Pages Query Contest for 2020 will be accepting applications in one month.  Yay!

Are you hoping to submit your query and first page?

No, we haven't revealed the genre yet, but if you're hopeful that your WiP will qualify, why not submit your First 50/100/250 for critique?  We started this last year and then took a break.  But let's start again and see if any of you are ready for eyeballs on the beginning of your manuscript.

We are accepting entries this week!  Category – Anything.

If you want to submit your First 50/100/250 for critique [no more than the first page], here's the entrance requirements: (1) send us no more than one page, (2) it must be your first page, and (3) you must have commented on at least two posts on the OA blog in the past year.  Send us an email formatted as follows:

[Subject:] First Page Critique – [insert category and genre, for example Adult Romance or YA Fantasy or whatever]

The following 50/100/250 [however much you sent] words are my own work and I give OA permission to post it on the OA blog for the life of the blog.

I commented on OA posts on DATE and DATE as [your online ID].

My submission:

[Copy/paste your submission here.]

Entry period opens now and closes at the end of the day on Friday September 4, 2020. All entries will receive a confirmation email from us by Sunday September 6, 2020 that acknowledges receipt of your entry and, if you've complied with all requirements, lets you know what date it will be included on the blog for critique. If you do NOT receive a confirming email by Monday September 7, 2020, send us a DM on Twitter and we'll give you alternative instructions for sending us your entry.

We look forward to seeing your work!

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