Tuesday, September 29, 2020

October 2020 Pass Or Pages Agent Panel Reveal!



Meet the agents who will critique your Young Adult! Of any genre! entries!



Dr. Uwe Stender

Triada US Literary Agency

Dr. Uwe Stender is a Full Member of the AAR (Association of Authors' Representatives). He is interested in all kinds of non-fiction and fiction. In non-fiction, he is completely open to any project, from Memoir, Pop Culture, and Health to How-to, Gardening, History and everything in between, including non-fiction for children. In Children's fiction, he is looking for YA, Graphic Novels, and MG. In adult fiction, his tastes trend towards Women's Fiction, Psychological Suspense, and Mysteries.  As an immigrant to the USA himself, he is always eager to bring projects from underrepresented voices into the world. So surprise him, his tastes are eclectic, and he may just love what you wrote!

*We are extra thrilled to welcome Dr. Stender as a Special Returning Agent who was with us for the first OA query contest. Welcome back!


Kelly Peterson

Rees Literary

Kelly Peterson is a West Chester University graduate with a B.S.Ed in English and Literature. She worked as a Junior Literary Agent for two years before moving to Rees Literary Agency, continuing to champion her authors and the manuscripts she loves. Kelly seeks manuscripts in various genres within Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult age ranges. In Middle Grade, she loves fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary that touches on tough issues for young readers. Her Young Adult preferences vary from contemporary to high fantasy, sci-fi (not the space kind) to paranormal (all the ghost stories, please!), and historical all the way back to rom-coms. Kelly is proud to continue to represent Adult manuscripts in romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. She is very interested in representing authors with marginalized own voices stories, witty and unique characters, pirates, witches, and dark fantasies.

 *We are extra thrilled to welcome Kelly Peterson as our Popular Returning Agent who has agreed to do Pass Or Pages more than anyone else, and this will be her FIFTH time taking part of OA Pass or Pages. A special thank you for donating her time to help querying writers!



Shannon Snow

Creative Media Agency, Inc.

Shannon Snow has a very eclectic reading taste. Snow is looking for books that have a unique angle, and authors that have a wonderful, engaging voice. Characterization is a top draw for Snow because if she can't connect to a character, she can't fully engage with a story. So, Snow is looking for vivid, well-developed characters. Snow absolutely loves when an author can make her laugh, make make her pull out my tissue box, or just make her feel emotion in general.



Jennifer Herrington

The Harvey Klinger Literary Agency

Jennifer Herrington is an associate agent with the Harvey Klinger Literary Agency, and she is actively building her list in the middle grade, YA, and adult categories. She is looking for character and voice-driven books that she connects with on an emotional level. Herrington wants a book that makes her laugh or cry and extra points for both! Herrington is especially open to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ stories and voices in the mentioned categories.



Torie Doherty Munro

Writers House

Torie Doherty Munro started at Writers House as an intern in 2010 and began building her own list in 2015 representing middle grade, young adult, and adult authors. She especially loves adult fiction that features younger protagonists, as well as magical realism, historical fiction, and mysteries/thrillers that tend towards the literary and psychological. For YA, she’s a huge fan of unreliable narrators and plot twists that take her so completely by surprise that she gasps out loud, or any book that gets at the uniquely tumultuous, confusing, and exciting experience of being a teenager, really – anything that makes her heart hurt at least once before the final page. And when it comes to middle grade, she gravitates to anything with heart at the center. To break it down a little further: quirky adventures, laugh-out-loud hilarity, and contemporary or historical stories that fully engage the reader in a world that is simultaneously familiar and new to them. She’s also a sucker for retold fairytales, or any stories that captures the kind of classic fantasy feeling of the books she adored at that age.


Details for October 2020 Pass or Pages: 

Entry starts: Monday, October 5 at 6 a.m. Eastern

Entry ends: Friday, October 9 at 6 p.m. Eastern
Category/Genre: Young Adult of any Genre!
How To Enter: Fill out the entry form on the contest post when it goes live on October 5.
What Is Required: Your query (NO BIO or personalization for agents), your first 250 words, a complete and polished MS

You can also read more about the rules 

The winning entries with agent commentary will be posted on Operation Awesome the week of October 29th, one entry each day. If you aren't comfortable with having your entry (which will be anonymous) shared on the blog, please don't enter Pass or Pages!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments or tweet 
@OpAwesome6. Also, feel free to chat about the contest with fellow participants with the hashtag #PassOrPages.


Jamie said...

Great looking panel! That's amazing that they're all donating their time to help querying writers. And it's neat that you found agents from the past to come back.

PAL said...

Does the Young Adult include screenplays and novels, or just novels?

J Lenni Dorner said...

Not all literary agents are screenplay agents. But we won't stop you from entering. We said all ya genres. If you feel any of these five agents might be who you are looking for to represent your screenplay, by all means enter. Your chances are as good as anyone else.