Friday, September 18, 2020

Past Winner Check In 3 from the Query Contest Pass or Pages #PassOrPages


Tuesday's stats showed that agents have requested pages 34 times!

Here's one more progress report from one of the "pages" winners:

Worst Villain Ever -

Hi! I'm Amy Bearce, the author of The Worst Villain Ever, which was featured in Pass or Pages in May of 2016. Unfortunately, that book did not find representation, but it did get picked up for publication by a small press in 2018 (yay!) which sadly went out of business before they published it (boo!), so it remains unpublished. But while I was sad for George, my too-sweet villain-wanna-be, I kept writing. At the time of my Pass or Pages post, I had two books out with a small press. I now have a total of five books published, with one more on the way. I signed with an agent in January 2019 for my upper-middle grade time loop tale, Paris on Repeat. The book found a home with Jolly Fish Press and released July 14th, 2020 as the first book in the Wish & Wander series. Book two, Rome Reframed, is scheduled to release in February 2021. This summer, my agent and I amicably parted ways as she moved on from her agency, and I am querying agents again with a new manuscript. Whatever happens next, I’m ready for the adventure.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years. My journey has involved ups and downs, so I encourage people in the query trenches to keep writing, keep querying, and most important, keep learning. Reading each Pass or Pages entry was one great way I was able to study what worked (and what didn't) and try to apply it to my own writing. So thank you, Operation Awesome, for all the time and effort you've invested into the writing community! Congratulations on ten years!

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Amy Bearce said...

Thank you for having me as your guest, and thank you again for all the support you've given writers over the years!

JA Richardson said...

Happy 10th Pass or Pages Blog-iversary OA! Here's to another decade. Thanks for A. Bearce's Past Winner Check-in encouraging words.

JA Richardson said...
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