Monday, November 30, 2020

Last chance to let us know your opinion for 2021
Has it snowed where you live yet?

This will be our last blog post on this topic.  Is there something about writing/publishing that you'd like the OA team to write about in 2021?  Contests you enjoy?  Opportunities you want to take advantage of?

Please let us know!

Below are the examples we posted last Monday.  We received ONE comment on last Monday's blog post from an awesome OA blog reader who had suggestions.  We are already discussing what we'll do in 2021 in response to that comment.  We want YOUR suggestions too.

Where do you get your ideas?
What's your writing process like?
Should I self-publish or go traditional?
What do I do about social media?
Is it better to be a plotter or pantser?
What should I do about writer's block?
How do I find [and work with] a beta reader or critique partner?
I'd like to see a weekly series on _________________________
Can all 5 of you OA folks give your individual experience or opinion on __________________

What do YOU want to see on the OA blog in 2021?  Last chance!  Please let us know in the comments!


  1. I think all your suggestions are great. I struggle with the ehe marketing aspect. My publisher is very into Newsletters, Bookbub swaps, getting swaps on FB,and such. I'm really weak in those areas. Plus, it's time consuming, especially with a fulltime job! How do you do all of that and still find the time to actually write?

  2. This comment was misdirected to email:

    I resonated with all of the questions you posed regarding topics for 2021. Even though some of them were covered this year, it doesn't hurt to reiterate them to keep them in writer's minds. I enjoy hearing about the journey new writers have taken to find their agent or other routes they took toward publication. Also, I'm interested in agent's thought process before taking on a never before published writer. (It's good, stand-out writing, of course, but what about the gut feelings that go along with it? They know the market, but do they have a particular publisher in mind when they read a manuscript, or is it a process of taking on a manuscript and then see when, if, or where it lands?


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