Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Reflection and Insights into the Writing Process

 Wow, I can't believe National Novel Writing Month is over. 

It's time for your rewards, to bask in the glory of writing words during November, no matter the specific number. You wrote. That's what important. Trying counts.

I have recently made connections between my writing process and my art making process. It is curious to me, though rather obvious, that I had not made certain connections sooner.

For example. I took a bookbinding class and loved the idea of my project.

Execution was not great.

But I finished it. Now that is my prototype phase. Better yet, my NaNo phase. I just put work and time in and see what happens.

Then I can try again and apply what I learned.

The editing phase.

I make the project again. An improved version.

So I encourage you, no matter where you are in your current project(s), to take a moment to reflect on your writing and editing process. Has it evolved over time? What changed? What stayed the same?  What metaphor or image captures your process?

Share in the comments your metaphor or image.

Mine is throwing pots on the pottery wheel. Keep going until I want to fire it in the kiln. Or put it back in the clay bag to become something else in the future.

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