Friday, May 27, 2022

Query Friday: Query Manager: Friend or Foe?

Happy Friday Query-ers!

Chances are that if you are currently querying you have submitted a query through Query Manager. Query Manager was created by the maker of Query Tracker and is a way to allow agents to answer queries in a more streamlined manner (theoretically). 

When you fill out the form to submit your query you are required to submit info on:
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Word Count
  • Name
  • Contact Info
On the Pro side it makes it almost impossible for you to actually forget any of these details. πŸ‘

Once submitted, you will get a confirmation letter that says that your query was received, and a link to check the status of your query, so you can obsessively click to your hearts desire. πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ‘

As you can see below the queries come in and are arranged to look like a traditional inbox; but the title, author, genre and word count are highlighted, so they are available to the agent at first glance.

Query Manager allows agents to sort and filter. So if your agent is particularly interested in YA that week they can sort for any queries in that category. This could mean faster response timesπŸ‘, or maybe lack of response if you didn't do your research and the agent doesn't rep your category.

Speaking of research- Query Manager allows agents to auto flag things that may be of concern (like an exceptionally high word count). Food for thought...

It also allows for flags in other categories:

But these can be positive flags too... If an agent is hankering for a SciFi with Found Families, they can filter for these key words and your query may rise to the top! πŸ‘ Of course, this is dependent on how much the agent is utilizing these features as well.

Agents, are also able to see if you have submitted to them before via Query Manager.

Which can be beneficial, but can be something to note if you attempt to re-query with a different title or slightly reworded queryπŸ˜‰.

After viewing your query agents can opt to send templated replies. Kind of a bummer if you were hoping for a personalized rejection   πŸ‘Ž, but it probably does wonders for efficiency.

You can also, just click a button to withdraw your query- if you change your mind for any reason (sudden brainstorm about how to make the ending 9000's times better anyone?). And if you get an OFFER OF REP from another agent- there is a button for that too!πŸ‘

It's free for everyone, and data collected will help improve the accuracy of the Query Tracker platform. I love some data

so I'm a fan!

All info and images were sourced from Query Manager's website at Check it out, watch the tours, learn even more!

What are your thoughts on Query Manager? Share in the comments below. Happy Querying!

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