Monday, June 6, 2022

June 10 is Ball Point Pen Day
On June 10, 1943, Hungarian brothers László and György Bíró filed for a British patent on their invention, the ball point pen.  Each year on June 10, we celebrate Ball Point Pen Day!

Before we had the ball point pen, people  used pencils or fountain pens to write.

What is a ball point pen?
"The ball point pen is a writing utensil that uses a small rotating ball which is made of brass, steel or tungsten carbide. This ball disperses the ink to paper as a person writes."

"Gimbels’ Department Store sold ballpoint pens for $12.50 each in 1945. This is the equivalent of about $176 today!"
More trivia

How many ball point pens does the average US citizen use per year?
How many words can the average ball point pen write before it’s empty?
And even more trivia!

Do you write your outline/query/synopsis/manuscript with a ball point pen?  Let us know in the comments!

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Idea-ist said...

I use ball point pens for a lot of things; my paperwork at work, to-do lists, story outlines, notes, brainstorming, the occasional doodle...I haven't tried to pen a manuscript with one since I was a teenager. Happy Monday! Idea-ist@GetLostInLit