Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Editing Sale #Pride #LGBTQIA LGBTQ+

Pride editing sale

(Today's debut author canceled at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Here is alternative content a friend passed along to me.)

O. R. Faulkner's Fantastical Features

#WritingCommunity Happy Pride! Sale until the end of June. Turn around time will be a few days to a week. 

Buy here:

Pride Sale!

I'm offering 5 (five) of each of the following services for pride. Show me your LGBTQ+ stories and let me get lost in them as I help you edit.

First 10 Pages for $15.00 USD

First 25 Pages for $30.00 USD

Less than 10k Short Story for $40.00 USD

15k - 20k Short Story for $50.00 USD

Plus, all stickers are $1.00!

Please include relevant TW/CW

O. R. Faulkner's Fantastical Features

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