Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writing Is Like...

It’s no secret that I’m a girl who likes cake. I mean, what’s not to like about cake?

I also like writing. Big shock. So combining my two loves came as a bit of a no-brainer.

So here is my recipe for writing a novel.

When you bake you get the ingredients ready. I start with my flour, butter and sugar. In my plot's case it's the inciting incident, the bit where my MC accepts their fate, and the showdown.

I've got them ready in the bowl, but I still need to throw in a few more ingredients.

The eggs/supporting characters to bind it. The yummy flavour of a love interest...and don't forget the odd bit of dried fruit/antagonist as a road block to the gooey goodness.

Then I whip the mix together with the electric whisk of a voice/pacing and tension.

Pour into the cake tin of the word document/laptop.

Then it's into the oven to bake.

Once my cake/novel is ready (and cooled. Never rush into eating hot cake/editing a hot manuscript draft. You burn your tongue/have no objectivity.) I can add the decoration.

The jam layer of world building and the frosting topping of subplots. Don't forget to add the cherry/chocolate sprinkles of red herrings.

All that is left is to deliver to betas/CP for devouring.

With both writing and baking there's room for improvement. New ingredients to adapt, add, and remake each cake/book. The only way to do this?

Start all over again in revisions.

See, just like making a cake. :)

*No cakes/Manuscripts were harmed in the writing of this post.


  1. Cakes & Manuscripts... living in perfect harmony! I love it!!! So inspiring! Next time I get stuck writing I'll remember to bake a cake!

  2. What a great excuse to make a cake! You are such a clever girl!

  3. and you repeat the process until you get the ingredients JUST right (or write?)

  4. Oh my. I have a sudden urge to make a cake. In fact, I think I might just go and do that today. YUM. (Love this post!)

  5. LURVE this analogy. I like books. I like cake! Together, they're a little piece of heaven. If only I could just follow one easy recipe...

  6. Great. Now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot, Lindsay!!

    Seriously, this makes perfect sense. Baking a cake = writing a book.

    I will never look at a cake the same way again :)

  7. :-) Big smile as I imagine being one of the first people to get a taste of Lindsay's cake--I mean MS. Man, I am lucky!

  8. Great post. And I thank you for not including cake photos, or I'd be baking right now.

  9. Great combo! Except now I need cake. If you'll excuse me . . .

  10. Jen: Glad you liked it. You never know what inspiration comes from making a cake :)

    Renae. Any excuse for cake for me. :)

    Vicki. Oh, how did I miss that one. Doh!

    Dawn. Don't forget to write as you bake :)

    Talli: Lol, I hear you on that one. Trying out new recipies is all part of the fun. :)

    Amparo: See, you give me hot men on Tuesday I make you hungry. ;)

    Katrina: Aww shucks. Hugs. :)

    Kelly: I thought about it photos, but they made me hungry as well. lol.

    Janet: Hey, save me a slice. ;)

    Thanks all. I do love a good cake. The only problem is I made myself hungry. lol.

  11. Okay, that's awesome. Cakes and novels. The perfect recipe.


  12. Many brownies were harmed in the creation of my novels

  13. Um, well, who says I'm going to share my cake with my beta readers and CP?

    Mmmmm, now I have a craving for cake. :D

  14. I knew you were sweet, and now I know why!

  15. Love the analogy ... and now I'm hungry :)


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