Thursday, September 30, 2010

Awesome Word Rainbow

How cool would it be to have a rainbow made up of all of YOU! 

Your words.

Your imaginations.

Umm, it would be freaking awesome!!

So here's what we need from you:

Write four lines of poetry, or a quatrain (it can rhyme or not) about your favorite color:

Black (I know, not technically in the rainbow, but some people think it's the new pink)

Wax poetic. Write your soul. Or just muse about a funny color. If we get every color, we'll have a very lovely word rainbow that represents all of you, our favorite people on the whole blogosphere. *happy sigh*

I'll do my favorite color for an example:

Yellow of daisies or buttercups,
Tulips, sunshine, roses, and pups:
No symbol as sublime as thee.
You cast out winter, shadows flee.

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Woot for CONTESTS! Come back tomorrow because the gorgeous Lindsay has something that will really get your creative wheels spinning. You will want this prize. Trust me. ;)


  1. The scent of rain,
    Reflected in the sky,
    Three quarters of the world
    Is covered with my majesty.


  2. Blue-tiful! ;) Thank you for sharing. At least we have two colors in our little rainbow. Much better than one. :D

  3. Auroral skies electrify
    The glow of midnight deep
    Hues that saturate my soul
    Just give me one to keep

  4. Chilled lemonade sip with me
    feeding each other cotton candy
    holding hands from sunrise till sunset
    together share the hue of no regret


  5. I know I'm months behind on this, but don't much care.

    the hue that splashes from a setting sun
    that in my veins and lips doth run
    that touches my cheeks until I'm dead
    that color of life my beloved red

  6. Love it Puaili! Thanks for sharing. (Better late than never, I always say)

  7. Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Red. (And Wren's, as she tells me, is every color.) I think we've got a pretty awesome rainbow now! Thanks, guys!


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