Friday, October 1, 2010

Twi-Contest: All White For Twilight

Attention: I have hijacked the blog from the fabulous Katrina. Okay she let me, but it was for a good reason. Promise.

Okay, sometimes I hate missing the new releases of books that the US get first, but after reading this from The Bookseller I did a happy dance.
All white for Twilight

Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster Twilight series is to be republished this Christmas with a new white jacket design.

(Pictures from
The four limited-edition titles: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, will be published by Atom on 14th October as £7.99 paperbacks, available only in the UK and Ireland, and Little Brown's territories including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India. The white editions will not be available in the US.

The white titles will only be published between October and Christmas 2010, replacing the usual black jackets. The titles will have crimson-edged pages and crimson back covers, with text confined to the spines.

Can I say WOW?

So, being a kind hearted British gal, I thought of you guys. I’m hooking you up with a chance to win two sets of the white cover Twilight Saga. Yes, all four of the white cover Twilight saga copies will be sent to you. And yes, I have already ordered my own.

So, how do you win these pretties? Well it is simple -- write.

Write a 200 word piece of fanfic starring any Twilight character on why you should win the books, and post it in the comments. Us Operation Awesome gals will pick the winners.

And don’t worry about rushing. The contest will run until Midnight (GMT) on the 31st of October 2010, so you’ll have lots of time to think of something. The two winners will be announced soon after. And I promise I’ll keep the books safe.

So please feel free to spread the word. Tweet, blog, add us to your sidebar, shout it from the rooftops...tell a cookie. Okay, the last one is just me, but you get the idea.

Oh, and did I mention these books are only out in the UK?  This is your chance to win this limited edition.

Ready. Set. Write.

Happy Friday.


Renae said...

Oh I so need those books on my bookshelf! Thanks for the fabulous contest!

Kell Andrews said...

Beautiful books! Definitely WOW

Elana Johnson said...

Wow -- I love the white covers! GORGEOUS. I especially like the one with the flower. :)

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Woot! This is so exciting! They're even prettier than I imagined! Thanks for snagging those, Lindsay!You are awesome.

Good luck to everybody who enters. I'm looking forward to some awesome fanfic. :)

Amparo Ortiz said...

I don't think I've drooled this much since the last time I saw a cheesecake. That must be a good thing, right??? ;)

Good luck to all who enter!!

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

I actually like the white covers better! Good luck to all who enter! :)

Anonymous said...

Where do we send the entries?

Anonymous said...

Ok, duh, just saw to post it in the comments. I blame my excitement. lol

Anonymous said...

From Leah Clearwater’s point of view. 200 Words. 10-3-10.
By Courtney Sachse,

The dream was always the same. The sun was a rusted coin in the sky, staining the snow drifts pale rose and muted lilac. The cold clawed beneath my fur and wrapped talons around my chest. It forced the breath from me in short bursts that plumed from my nose, my tongue curled back against my teeth. Each step broke through crusts of ice, scraping along the soft pads of my paws. I trailed a murmur aloft in the wind, repeating my name and propelling me forward.

Breaking through the tree line I saw them, just as they always had been. The books lay in the snow before me, barely visible save for crimson-edged pages like blood in the emptiness. In a neat row, pages fluttering lightly, slices of my past or my future - they mocked me: alabaster hands, languishing flower, severed ribbon, and lastly the proud Queen, ruling over all.

Had I not been each of these in my time? Had I not earned the right to peer beneath the covers and see what lie ahead, risking the knowledge that the future was a bleak existence? Grasping at a diminutive grain of hope, I stepped forward into uncertainty.

Unknown said...

UMM Hello, I'm so down for this amount of funness!!! Seriously the making up of words will continue with such an aweosome contest!!!

I don't own any of the Twilight novels (GASP!) so this would be extra special!!! I'm hard at work now wracking my brain on what I would like to write in reference to Twilight!!!

Jenna Wallace said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! So here we go...

197 words by Jenna Wallace
dreamstate (at) att (dot) net

The doctor, handsome despite very pale skin, read my chart before turning to me. “So, Miss Wallace. I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen. How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine,” I said, wincing at the pain in my head and my throbbing wrist.
“So do you want to tell me what happened?” Dr. Cullen asked.
“It was so strange...” I said, recalling the moments that brought me to the emergency room in Forks. “I was running through the woods when this gorgeous guy stepped onto the path in front of me. It was like hitting a marble column. I smacked my head against his rock-hard shoulder and fell back onto my wrist. He went to help me up, but then looked like he might either kill me or kiss me. He sniffed me and then ran off. I’m really confused.”
“Oh, well, yes. That does happen quite a bit here,” said Dr. Cullen. He bent over and retrieved a stack of four books, beautiful white paperbacks with blood-red edges. The top book showed a hand cupping an apple. “Here, take these. Consider them a manual of sorts.”
“Thanks,” I said, accepting the books. “These look like just what I need.”

Bridgid Gallagher said...

White Twilight books?! Gorgeous!

What a great contest. I'm going to have to go stew...

PinkStuff28 said...

Is this Contest international ?

Laura Kaye said...

Woo--those books sure are pretty! Are there any guidelines to the fic contest or anything goes as long as under 200 words? Thinking cap: on!

Katrina L. Lantz said...

PinkStuff28, I'll ask Lindsay if it's international. She'll be shipping from the UK, so it's def not a US thing, but I'll let her clear that up.

Laura, the only guidelines are 1) under 200 words and 2) Twilight fan fiction. Otherwise, it's a free game. Spoof, serious, spooky, whatever. ;)

The entries we have so far are awesome! Keep 'em coming, writers!

PinkStuff28 said...

194 Words.
Featuring Alice Cullen and I
As I was about to lock the front door of the store I heard a girl’s voice shouting :” Hey wait !”
“Sorry to interrupt you from leaving 15 minutes early ,but I really need some books for my friend …And I want your advice “
“Ok.Come on in .So what do you need ?”
“I’m looking for some books ,that might interest the Classic readers”
“Well..i have some books in the back that will be perfect..but I can’t sell them yet ..Sorry.Maybe you could come in like a week or so …”
Bella’s leaving tomorrow and I have to put some books in there along with the clothes…or she won’t wear what I have chosen …Can’t let that happen
“Can you make an exception for me ?I have something that might interest you..”
*She takes out the Limited Edition Of Twilight Series With The White Jacket*
“I’ll give you these if you can sell me those you were talking about.You can’t get them any other way…”
Shes’s right.What can I do ..I’m a Twilight Addictt…
“Ok .Deal”
“I can see we are going to be great friends.”
“If you say so..”
“BTW :My name is Alice “

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Okay, I recently got my set in the mail, and they are SO MUCH more beautiful than I even imagined. The lettering on the spines is in shiny red foil and the pictures on the front are glossy embossed (not sure the official way to describe that, but it's lovely)!

I'm enjoying the awesome fan fic we've got so far and hope to read more from our awesome readers. Crunch time! 3 more days.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

I'm ineligible to win (besides, already got my set {Thanks, Lindsay!}) but here's my version of Twilight fan fiction, just for fun. It's the first fan fiction I've ever tried to write, so I may have done it completely wrong. :)

Jararaca, by Katrina

The Brazilian jungle heat soaked me in sweat, a billboard broadcasting my humanity.

My jaw trembled. “How many of you are there?”

The motherless little girl with dark but icy skin and rust colored eyes circled me. A playful grin made her look almost harmless, but the precise and agile way she moved past fallen logs and grass-thick ferns told another story.

I’d read the legends of her kind, half human and half monster—legends that brought me to her territory in a pre-college voyage of self-discovery. I wanted adventure, so why couldn’t I stop shaking?

“Don’t worry,” she giggled. “My bites aren’t venomous. Can’t vouch for that Jararaca, though.”

Following her tiny, perfect finger to the branch behind me, I barely registered the brown triangle pattern and yellow slit eyes before the snake charged.

In a flash so fast I thought I’d died, rust colored circles replaced the black slits. A deep breath promised I was still alive. There crouched my little girl guide, draining the snake’s cold blood dry.

No book prepared me for the wrenching pain in my stomach at the sight of her feasting. I keeled over, wretching into the bright green leaves of a Yellow Jaboticaba.

Jamie Manning said...

This is so great. Those books look amazing! Thanks for this's my entry!

Dearest Lindsay,

I know I shouldn't be writing for fear the Volturi will discover your whereabouts, but being apart from you is torture. I miss the days when we were together, lying silently in our meadow. I long for those days. And I promise you, we will have them again. No matter what it takes, I'll protect you. You are my life now.

But there's something pressing I need of you. Please go to my home in Ireland and retrieve documents hidden there. I know it's a lot to ask - too much, really - but I can only trust one soul with all my heart, and that is you.

Take the bound documents and deliver them to someone willing to help us. His name is Jamie, and he is indebted to me for saving his life. Please know I'm asking this of you only to protect you and our love. So do not hesitate. Gather the books and send them at once.

I must go. Alice says the Volturi know where we are. I miss you, Lindsay, and I count the moments until we're together again.

All My Love,

P.S. The documents are bound in white, with crimson-edged pages

PK HREZO said...

What a great contest and prize!!! How can I resist??

PK Hrezo
200 words

I sat on the crunchy surface of the earth, hugging my knees to my chest. It was cold out.
It was supposed to be a quick hike--not too far from Uncle Charlie's house, but somewhere I'd taken a wrong turn. I should've listened to him--he'd warned me these woods were tricky.

The sun was sinking. It would be dark in no time. And I'd be screwed for sure. Then I felt it. That feeling you get when someone's watching you. I checked my surroundings. Only the rustling of branches. But I felt a presence. I felt warmth nearby. I was scared at first, but then I saw it--alarming and beautiful at the same time. Its thick, russet fur; the glint of its eye.

For a moment I was petrified, watching in silence as it padded closer to me, its eyes locked with mine. I couldn't run. I didn't want to. Something told me I'd be okay.

The enormous beast stood before me. I reached out a hand, letting my fingers slip into the silky fur on top of its head. My hands trembled, not with fear, but delight. A strange urge made me want to embrace the animal.

Lindsay said...

Don't worry, I'm not entering myself (stares at the special copies on her bookshelf). Jen Daiker sent me this so I'm passing it on.

Alice envisioned the object, miles from her reach she knew Jen would be upset to know they lay so far away. The crisp white covers lay on the freshly fallen snow, the red piercing out from the white background.
The smell of the pages filled her nostrils, breathing in the scent of the newly bound copies, her eyes closed taking in the moment. The words Jen had ached to read but yet to have the chance, Alice longed to have them in her hands to take in the luscious words written on every page.
“Wait here,” Alice whispered.
Leaping forward she glided from tree to tree, the wind rushing through her pixie cut, the destination within reach a few feet in front of her. Landing gracefully she picked up the perfectly bound books tucking them underneath her arm and returning to Jen’s side.
“For me?” Jen’s eyes sparkled in anticipation.
“Never been touched white cover Twilight books, the best around. No need to be a closeted fan any longer.” Alice says sliding the untouched novels into Jen’s hands.
“Thank you,” Jen holds them tightly resting underneath the tree to begin the magical tale.