Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last day for what? 
Tomorrow is the last day for two things.

Thing #1: Last day to vote for our orange owl!  Time is running out. Don't let your favorite name get away. (As long as it is one of the ones I like.) Vote over here ------------->

Thing #2: Last day to enter our Twilight fan fic contest. A seriously awesome prize awaits for you! Check out the information here.

And you only have 2 days left to prepare for our AGENT LED pitch contest. You won't want to miss this. Our last contest resulted in REPRESENTATION!

Have a great, and safe, Halloween weekend.


  1. Please please please tell me it's not just for YA ;)

  2. It's not just for YA! More specifics on genre will be announced on the 1st. *squee* So excited about this!

    Hint: primarily YA/MG, but adult fiction will be included this time.

    Adult fiction writers, polish your pitches.

    Well, polish them anyway, for Steena (click her name above) and her awesome logline blogfest!!

  3. YEAH!!!! I'm totally stocked. Totally.


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