Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jacward and Some Face Painting Fun.

Just thought I'd put another plug in for the Twilight contest by posting my Jacward photo.  I mean, seriously! Those are some awesome looking books. It doesn't matter if you already own the whole series. You can get bragging rights to owning the white UK additions. Think about how jealous your friends will be! Aaannnnndd..  You get the opportunity to write some fun fan fiction. Finally, you can end up with the werewolf/vampire of your dreams...at least in prose. 

The Jacward photo leads me up to my next proposition. I'm taking a detour of writing and going to have some fun with my other creative side. I'm adding another contest, of sorts. Except there isn't a tangible prize. In light of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I'd like to throw in some face painting.

Here is your challenge. In the comments section of this post, give me a book/story character you'd like to see me paint on myself. It can be from old fairy tales to new titles. Villains or Heroes, I don't care. Give me a brief discription in case I'm unfamiliar with the character you've chosen.  (OA buddies, you can play too.)

Next week, I'll pick one that inspires me and do a video transformation and post it on the blog! Challenge me! Let's have some fun!


  1. I love the Jackward pic! :D I'm gonna have to think about a good character and get back to you....mwahahahahaha ;-)

  2. Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis!

    Love the Jacob/Edward mix, btw. You're so creative!

  3. That's so cool! Maybe Laura from American Gods -- the reanimated but relentlessly decomposing corpse. I'd really like to see a glamorous female baddie of some kind but I can't think of any this minute...

  4. how about Phantom of the Opera, on of the vamps from the House of Night Series (they have really cool facial tattoos), ummm a mardi gras mask? :D

  5. that should be "one of the vamps" not ON :D


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