Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We all know how important it is to get the beginning of our books just right. You need to hook the reader. We have to grab them enough to want to read on.

We know the middle shouldn't be saggy. That you need to keep the action moving. 

Then there is the end. If you've kept them with your MC for pages then the ending needs to be one that keeps them turning the page. 

Here is an awesome tip from author K.M.Weiland to help keep your ending exciting: 

What about you? How do you make your endings thrilling? 


  1. wonderful post! my cp just finished my ms and basically told me to speed things up at then end. she's so awesome! i must link to this post of yours! christy

  2. THat's great advice! I've been struggling over an ending for a little while now - this will help! :) Thanks!


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