Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Year To Believe

It's 2012. I know that's obvious (since we're four days into it), but the last few days have felt like someone snatched the end of 2011 away like the last cookie from the pack. *sniff*

But it's time to wave goodbye 2011. Time to smile. To focus on a new year of challenges.

I don't go in for resolutions. I used to, but resolutions feel like a huge ball of chaos and expectations that will explode on me at any second. And I usually forget about them by February.

But I'm not going into battle with the year unarmed. I've decided to focus on a word.

This year is the year to believe. Not just for anything I'd like to achieve, but for all of us.

I believe that you'll finish those first drafts. Those revisions.
I believe that you'll have another story idea.
I believe that good things are just around the corner.

Believe in yourself.

Because you are amazing.

And I believe in you.

What are you going to believe in this year?


Becky Mahoney said...

Well said!

I believe this is the year I am going to kick ass and take names. Hopefully my belief is not misplaced!

LinWash said...

Wonderful post! I want to believe that I can finish my draft and get it to the right agent!

Kell Andrews said...

I believe!